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Xiaomi Mi 5S Underglass Fingerprint Scanner Feature Expected in iPhone 8

by Habeeb Onawole 5

A patent filed back in the past by Apple reveals a design for what is currently called the under-glass ultrasonic fingerprint scanner in the Mi 5S. The patent published by the Patent and Trademark Office in September 2014  is for an electrostatic lens capacitive fingerprint sensor.

The new sensor is expected to debut in the iPhone 8 scheduled to launch next year. Apple, this year decided to remove the press functionality of their home button from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Sources say the decision is a part of a larger plan to completely phase out the home button and instead replace it with a virtual one which will still double as a fingerprint scanner. To achieve that, they will have to use a sensor that can be placed under the front glass like we have in the Xiaomi Mi 5S.

apple-patent-1 apple-patent-2 apple-patent-3

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While people have mixed feelings about the new home button, there’s a chance there will be outrage if the button is completely ditched in favor of a capacitive one. There is still a year’s wait to see what Apple finally decides, so fans need not get sad over this.


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  • Jh1

    Man, Xiaomi copying Apple again! Just like Le eco copied Apple by getting rid of the headphone jack. Have they no shame?

    • Tony Halls

      Are you being sarcastic?

      I hope you are, LeEco did come out without a headphone jack BEFORE Apple.

      • Jh1

        Yeah, I’m being sarcastic. Though I’m sure that some media report will soon claim Apple came up with this fingerprint sensor, just like the article a few weeks ago reporting how the le eco pro three was “following apples lead” by omitting the headphone jack.

    • Ionut Johnny

      Haha, nice one mate.

  • Derick Giovedi

    To be more accurate, Apple’s patent is for “embedded Touch ID for fingerprint recognition anywhere on the display,” meaning the entire display can recognize a fingerprint- without a home button….On a different subject, LeEco heard rumors in 2015 that Apple will be ditching the headphone jack so they decided to beat Apple to the punch by releasing a phone sans a headphone jack in early 2016. LG did the same thing with the original iPhone in 2006. They’ve been hearing rumors about the iPhone since early 2005, in December 2006 LG announced the Prada just 28 days before Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone.