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Huawei Kirin 970 Rumored to Feature TSCM 10nm Process, Cat. 12 LTE Support

by Jed John 6

Smartphone chip makers are always on the move, improving their chipset with more powerful offering and reduced size in the face of demands for smartphones that consume less power and are are capable of seamlessly fast performance. Huawei recently released the Kirin 960 flagship processor that benchmark tests have shown to be superior in performance to its present contemporaries, yet the company is rumored to be working on a Kirin 970 chipset.


According to latest media reports in Taiwan, the next generation Kirin 970 will be Huawei’s first to be built on the TSMC 10nm process. The Kirin 970 is said to likely still be on an octa-core architecture but will integrate a baseband with support for Cat. 12 global LTE. The present Kirin 960 chip is composed of a quad-core Cortex-A73 chip, another quad-core Cortex-A53 chip and an octa-core Mali-G71 GPU. The Kirin 960 was however built on TSMC 16nm process and it comes with a wonderful CPU performance but the GPU cannot perform at full capacity.  So a switch to the 10nm process is said to greatly reduce the heat and allow full extraction of the GPU performance.

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In building the Kirin 970 on the 10nm process, Huawei is following the trend, catching up with would-be early starters like Qualcomm which just announced the Snapdragon 835 processor built on Samsung’s 10nm manufacturing process and to debut in the first quarter of next year on the Galaxy S8. MediaTek is also out with its Helio X30 chip built on TSMC 10nm process and to debut in the first quarter of next year also. MediaTek is also billed to release an Helio X35 chip within the first half of 2017 which would upgrade to provide Cat. 12 LTE band support.


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  • Genko

    All that power for whatsapp and taking some pictures. I still haven’t figured out what all this power is used for, when the battery is dead after an hour of gaming.

  • Saku

    970 vs x35 vs 835 vs A11…

    I’m excited for 2017.

    • Rob

      This won’t be out till November/December next year by which time it will be competing with the SD840/Helio X40, so might not seem so great once we know what other’s have up with their sleeves!

  • Unless Huawei change that Mali graphics, they will never catch up to Qualcomm and Apple.
    However, they are completely right to not focus solely on GPU, but CPU, since there is nothing out in the Android world that could harness half the power of the MaliG71 MP4 even.
    Btw, still waiting for that Kirin 660, I think this will be a great chip.

  • Tommi

    2017 will change SoCs to different level.

  • Roland

    I am guessing you are quoting Digitimes here, without even linking to them, which is a great feat by itself. But talking about a “Kirin 970” without them even mentioning the name is even more of a joke. But, no source anyways, so I guess you are fine with making things up on your own.