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MediaTek Likely To Debut 7nm Flagship Chipsets Later This Year

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 4

The Taiwan-based MediaTek Inc. had released the Helio X30 (MT6799) system-on chip built with 10nm FinFET processing technology in Q1 2017. According to industry sources, MediaTek’s Helio P series chipsets will be powering the mid-range and high-end smartphones in the first half of this year. Since the smartphone industry will soon see the advent of the 5G mobile communication era, MediaTek is speculated to launch a flagship smartphone chipset in the second half of this year.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is expected to build at least three new 7nm chipsets for MediaTek. This indicates how determined it is to become the numero uno chipset manufacturing company. As many of its customers such as OPPO, Vivo, Sony, LG and other smartphone makers from emerging nations are getting ready to embrace the upcoming 5G technology, the Taiwan-based chip making company has been actively working on AI enabled chipsets. As mentioned above, the company is heavily pegged to debut new chipsets for flagship phones in second half of this year.

At the beginning of 2017, MediaTek had released Helio X10, Helio X20 and Helio X30 chipsets for high-end smartphones. Even though the Taiwanese firm provided advanced technology at cheaper price compared to rivaling chipset making companies such as Qualcomm, it could not succeed in bagging many customers.

Mediatek Helio P70

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The probable reason why it failed to attract major customers like Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi is that these companies have been developing their own in-house chipsets for their smartphones. Moreover, most of the leading smartphone vendors are interested in using Qualcomm’s chipsets. This is speculated to be the reason why MediaTek decided to halt the production of its Helio X series chipsets. Also, in order to prevent the gross margins of chipsets from falling down, MediaTek had to stop the related investments in the latter half of last year.

Recent reports have revealed that the upcoming Helio P-series chipsets from MediaTek are the Helio P40 and Helio P70. These 12nm chipsets built by TSMC will be focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and facial recognition.




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  • Grochu

    Finally, MediaTek achieved modern processing technology (14, 10, and upcoming 7nm). Now let they open kernel/drivers and I could consider buying phone based on MTK chip ever again.

    • princetom

      We know source code and optimization is their problem… Let them get their acts together

  • George Varsamidis

    Their main reason of failing to attract phone manufacturers was that their “so called” flagships X10, X20 and X25 were mid range at most and of obsolete technology, for example X20 and X25 were
    of 20nm lithography with completely inadequate GPUs and vary bad power efficiency.
    This compared with their cunning policy of not providing free updated drivers and thus actually dooming the phones that bear them to be stuck to ancient android versions leads many serious phone manufacturers away from MediaTek and throws them in Qualcomm and its snapdragon SoC.
    But unfortunately MTK is a company which cannot see far enough and doesn’t care for its customers support and happiness but history teaches that the real power is always at the hands of consumers and they will treat MTK as it treats them if not worse.

  • Guaire

    I doubt that. They probably lost a lot of money on Helio X30.

    If they are gonna try another shot at high-end class they need to rethink their approach. Obviously lots of CPU cores, weaker GPU and cheaper price didn’t work well for the X30. If X30 was available around the same time with Snapdragon 835 maybe they could steal some business from Qualcomm since its early batches allocated to Samsung. Or if it was cheap as Snapdragon 660 they could take orders from Oppo and Vivo, maybe even Xiaomi.

    As well I know high volume production of 7nm chips expected in second quarter of the year. When theoretical 7nm chips of Mediatek is ready to shipping OEMs, handsets like S9, G7 and Mi7 will be on the shelves at best.

    IMO such a chip have to be significantly faster than Snapdragon 845 even if it’s more expensive.