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Details of MediaTek’s Helio P40 and Helio P70 High-End Chips Leak

by Habeeb Onawole 29

For 2017, MediaTek released only one high-end chip – the Helio X30. and the processor only powered two devices – the Meizu Pro 7 Plus and the Meitu V6. Next year, MediaTek will be announcing two high-end chips called the Helio P40 and Helio P70 and we hope they power more devices.

Both the Helio P40 and Helio P70 will be 12nm chips built by TSMC and are reported to arrive in Q2 2018. Below are their full configuration details:

Helio P40

We first heard of the Helio P40 some few months ago. However, this new leak brings new details.

The processor will be an octa-core chip with 4x A73 cores clcoked at 2.0GHz and 4x A53 cores clocked at 2.0GHz. Its GPU is a Mali-G72 MP3 clocked at 700MHz and it will come with three ISPs with support for up to 32MP.

The Helio P40 will support up to 8GB LPDDR4x (1866MHz) RAM and eMMC 5.1 and UFS 2.1 storage. The Helio P40 will also have AI capabilities with support for TensorFlow and Cat.7 LTE.

Helio P70 and P40

Helio P70

The Helio P70 will also be an octa-core chip  with the same A73 and A53 cores but will have the former clocked at 2.5GHz. It will come with a more powerful Mali G72 MP4 GPU clocked at 800MHzbut have the same AI capabilities as the P40.

The P70 will support up to 8GB of LPDDR4x RAM and will have Cat.12 LTE.

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It is reported that the chips will power Xiaomi’s full-screen Redmi phones next year as well as phones from Gionee, OPPO, and Vivo. Meizu on the other hand seems to be moving to Qualcomm for most of its phones next year but we won’t rule out one or two phones featuring any of the two chips.





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  • Bojan Radovanović

    Anyone care?
    They are not even alternative to Qualcomm anymore.

    • Rob

      People should as it’s only because of the competition that MT has given that has pushed QC to release some very potent midrange chips as without competition we as the consumer lose out – think Intel and what AMD has done in the X86 space.

      • George Varsamidis

        MediaTek SoC always suffer in three points.
        1) Their drivers are never updated. So, if you buy a phone with e.g. marshmallow (android 6) you expect to be stuck with this. Unless you buy a new phone.
        2) They are power hungry chips and for this reason they are good only in the winter (overheated) and be prepared to charge your phone 3 times a day.
        3) Their GPU part is always at the low end, at least 3 times slower than Qualcomm’s high-end SoC and samsung’s exynos high-end SoC.
        However, I wish I knew all these before I had bought a phone with a MediaTek advertised flagship.
        But, in any way I hope these will help others avoid buying MediaTek SoC phones and have to regret bitterly.

        • Arran

          1) That only happens on Chinese OEMs phone like Doogee, UMI. Xperia XA1 & Nokia 3 which has MTK SOC are confirmed to get Oreo.
          2)The Helio P20 battery efficiency already on par with the SD625
          3) Yes, cant deny that Snapdragon GPU are better, but Mediatek mid-range SOC GPUs are better than Exynos & Kirin mid-range SOCs.

          • TeutonJon78

            It’s not necessarily that the QC GPU is better. Mali is good. It’s just that MediaTek just totally skimps with the core count, which is what makes it weak. Samsung also uses Mali, and those don’t perform poorly.

        • Assefa Hanson

          Stop the propaganda I can list lots of mtk phones that have been upgraded from lolipop and beyond ex the Lenovo k3 note , Lenovo Vibe X3, even little brands like vernee, ulefone etc mtk has more phone brand variation so I guess people don’t want to do their research

          The overheating issues is really a stretch look how many reviews are on this website and I can count on my hands those that mention over heating look how many Qualcomm flagships have built in heat pipes because of how the phones can get

          I hope others will learn from your mistake of not research a device more in depth before buying

          • George Varsamidis

            I don’t do any propaganda here.
            I’m just mentioning some facts.
            I also don’t think all Qualcomm’s SoCs are exceptional. The one thing I know is that MTK don’t care much about GPU performance in their SoCs and the other one is that they ask to be paid in order to give new drivers (for new android versions) and for this reason many phone manufacturers deny to pay these extra money and opt not to upgrade their devices. And I also know that this not the case with Qualcomm.
            The one thing you are right is that I didn’t do more thorough research when I bought my MTK phone

          • Assefa Hanson

            I can’t argue against the gpu for mtk that’s just facts

        • GRGR

          1) depends on the brand… MTK is not always to blame
          2) Yes and No. I do have a Doogee with Helio X20. On stanby and less demanding tasks, it performs very well. Sometimes I think it outperforms my OP5. But… if you do run some demanding tasks like Navi or a Game, then it kills the battery in a matter of hours (1-2)
          3) never complained about it. I think it has enough power for the majority of the users. On a 1 on 1 comparison, it will underperfom compared to a snap… but it also costs a lot less.

          MTK are making great midrange CPUs that are very competitive and sometimes more powerfull than that of Snapdragon 6xx series. I would trust them again. Trust them on a good brand like Xiaomi… not a B-grade chinese company like Doogee.

          • Agree with you completely!

        • Why do people always fault mediatek for this? This is more on the manufacturer side of things. I know of brands that do regular updates on MTK chips. See my comment above.

          • George Varsamidis

            I’ll tell you why:
            It’s a matter of common sense.
            When usually phones with MediaTek’s SoC are not regularly upgraded while on the other hand phones with Qualcomm’s SoC are usually upgraded as expected, then that’s why people blame MediaTek.
            You may know of some brands that do regular upgrades to their MTK phones but unfortunately they are the exception and they consist a minority.

        • Plumplum

          1) wrong, it depends of manufacturers, Sony or Lenovo update devices with MTK. Dad that it’s often small OEM who use MTK…maybe a more fair usage of essential patents by Qualcomm is needed.
          2) overheat? Some says that about X20…mine is able to run its 10 core during more than 15 minutes, many S8xx can’t (not only 810 but 808 or 805 too)…Nevertheless, it’s right that small OEM have sometime problems (such as letting the devices going on deep sleep)
          3) about GPU it’s right, but benchmarks and game give vert différent results…when benchmarks find 3 Time better, in-game framerate is maybe 30% better…with a X20 and his tiny T880mp4 gaming is fluent on fullhd screenshots, you Can even reach 50fps on Emulators (exynos have problems with Emulators, run worst)…X30 is a huge evolution (haven’t test it).
          I will soon get a mt8176 with a PowerVR6250 on a 2560×1600 screen. I’m sure many games will be ok.
          Heavy GPU are mostly unused on actual games.

          What soc did you get from Mediatek on which device?

    • I do!

    • meh…

      ANY competition against Qualcomm, like it or not is good for all of us.

      • Bojan Radovanović

        But MTK is not competition….they hate their chances 2 years ago, and blooded it.

        • meh…

          I’m not going to dignify your incoherence with a response. Lol

  • Rob

    The P70 looks interesting and is what the Helio X30 should’ve been.

    • Yeah. The tri-cluster design nevee made much sense! The 4 A73 was all they needed, look at what magic Huawei did with the same bigLITTLE without adding 2 unnecessary cores!

      • Rob

        Yes absolutely, but remember they also use a decent GPU. That’s always been MT’s weakness.

        • Yeah, the GPU too needs some serious work, use at Least 4-6 core, hopefully 8 like Huawei or 20! Like Samsung

      • Plumplum

        It does.
        It reduce heating…tri-cluster allow X20 to run big cores in 20nm process during more than 15minutes.
        S810/808 can’t!

        CPU performances are close to S820 who use 16nm process.

        Tri-cluster allows Good multicore performances for less money.
        It uses a common cache shared between all clusters and GPU and ISP (for deed learning using heterogeneous multiprocessing)

        DynamIQ, the next technologie from ARM will use that kind of capabilities.
        Tri-cluster will disappear, but I think we will see 2+6 config in the future, in my opinion, runs as well as 4+4

    • divis200

      SD845 looks interesting and is what the SD800 should’ve been. (Sarcasm)

  • androwin

    OMG! RIP MT.

  • Lf Buta

    Yes, Iam care. More than five Years with mtk processor . Do I anything wrong or?

  • johala02

    MediaTek made a deal with Google recently. So the updates will probably be better in the future. And I think its good they are around so Qualcomm will not be the only option for many phone brands.

  • Achilles

    I wont say that they look like bad sockets but Q2 is late, and they state Q2 meaning that they will start producing them in Q2 as a best case scenario. Implemented in phones Q3. Plus 1 month to get a phone from China to my house.
    October 2018 best case.
    Way too late me thinks.

    I hope that Huawei decides to sell Kirin to other smaller chinese manufacturers.
    I miss those times that chinese manufacturers had the opportunity to be competitive in very low price ranges.
    No, 6580 is not applicable for the market anymore..

  • This is good news for regions why mediatek is King. Look at Africa, Here, our flagships typically go for 200-300$ and this makes MTK king. The best seller brands unknown to the west are Tecno and Infinix with infinix regularly updating it’s 150-250 phones. Seriously, infinix note 1 with mt 6592 of old was updated from KitKat to lolipop, Infinix zero 3 from 5.0 to 6.0 on time, zero 4 from 6.0-7.1 (6753) & zero 4 + (x20) from 6.0-7.1 on time too and Infinix note 3 with mt6753 was recently updated to 7.1 from 6.0 with 8.0 promised. so people who claim that an mtk phone will be stuck on the OS it arrived with should fault The manufacturer, not the chipset. I’d also recommend checking out the infinix Zero 5 to see what their latest flagship looks like. It’s a true MTK flagship and sells well here.
    So seeing MTK finally adopt a better manufacturing process and new chip design, especially inclusion of the ARM A73 core in the P series, I have reasons to rejoice!

  • ResoluteCustoms

    Not too long ago they released a statement saying no more high end chips for a while. That was about 3 months ago. Although these do belong to the P series rather than the X. So maybe that’s what they meant. Either way a tri and quad core GPU can’t be classed as high end. Decent CPU setup or not (it is on paper) the GPU can barely be called midrange.