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MediaTek Helio X30’s Market Response Isn’t Very Positive: Huawei, OPPO & Vivo May Not Use it

by Joe 29

In the race for the top flagship chipset in the market, MediaTek was left behind this year. Processors from Samsung and Qualcomm have really taken performance to a whole new level, which is why 2017 is going to be a very important year for the Taiwanese chipmaker. However, it looks like things haven’t started too well for its flagship chipset, the Helio X30, which was just announced a few weeks back.

helio x30 rumors-weibo

According to a well-known tech personality on Weibo, Helio X30’s market reaction hasn’t been very positive so far. In fact, he revealed that the three major smartphone companies in China namely, Huawei, OPPO, and Vivo are not going to use this chipset in 2017. Huawei’s lack of interest in Helio X30 would be understandable, given its increased focus on its own Kirin chipsets, but it’s said that both Vivo and OPPO (the two fast-growing smartphone companies in China today) are not interested in the chip, which is surprising. Even Taiwan’s own HTC isn’t willing to go with this top MediaTek chip. So, MediaTek may eventually have to rely on companies like Xiaomi and Meizu to ship a decent amount of Helio X30 processors. It’s worth noting that an insider has already revealed that Meizu’s flagship of 2017 would be powered by this MTK flagship processor.


On paper, the Helio X30 looks like a powerful chipset. First of all, it is built using the super efficient and the latest 10nm manufacturing node, joining the likes of other top flagship processors of 2017. Thanks to its two Cortex A73 cores for top-end performance, MediaTek claims that the performance increases by up to 43% as compared to its predecessors. Further, the power consumption reduces by as much as 53%.

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It looks like Helio X30’s start hasn’t been pretty, with this news and then the recent alleged benchmark of the chipset showing sub-standard scores. While it’s too early to say whether Helio X30 will be successful, what I would like to see is the true performance of the deca-core architecture unleashed. MTK really needs its top flagship processors to perform well in 2017.

What do you think?


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  • I think the tri-cluster line up is a bit… whm, for lack of better terms, it’s so helio X20, I was kind of hoping to get a new cluster design, one that had more of the A73 , to make it more powerful to attract others, I’ve also seen conflicting claims, some claim it will have 2-A73, 4-A53 & 4-A35,others 4-A73, 4-A53 & 2-A35,?? so which is it?

    • Joe

      It was previously revealed to be be 2 x A72 + 4 x A53 + 4x A35. But I sure hope its 4 x A73 coz the chip really needs four A73s to compete with the likes of upcoming Exynos and SD835 chipsets!

  • Tommi

    SD835 is just way too good.

    • That chip will probably be out September-October 2017, X30 will be available in March, so it will be released to battle the current SD821, Kirin 960 and Exynos 8890.

      • May Czos

        SD835 will be out in Q1 2017.

      • Alfa O. Diallo

        It seems Qualcomm is skipping SD830 for SD835.

      • lildwell

        Well its going to need to be pretty cheap! There are sd821 phones approaching $250 already. By that time they may be even cheaper!

  • People don’t get it, Helio X30 isn’t competing with SD830 and the next Exynos chip, it is meant to compete in the mid-range section, where it literally destroys the competition at a better price.
    Qualcomm responded well last year with the SD652, since the SD650 wasn’t good enough.
    The problem for Mediatek is that this time they use a very expensive 10nm nod, which means that Vivo and OPPO presumable passed because of higher pricing.
    The X30 should be competitive with Exynos 8890, SD821 and Kirin 960, not next year’s flagships, which are all 4-5 months away.

    • Faisal Shaharyar

      its not that they launch capable CPU but what makes this tussle not worthy is their weak GPU.
      when you look Adreno 506 its 5-10% better than Mali T880 MP4 on Helio X20… even Samsungs Exynos which used Mali T880 MP12 cluster was not equaling Adreno 530.

      thats one state the other is only Chinese smartphone use the chip… XIaomi cannot use the chip in India because of Ericsson. Asus uses Snapdragon and Intel (which now has been ditched) Lenovo only uses them but on Mid range and lower mid range devices.

      • There is a lot more to it than just Mali 880 MP4 or Adreno 506.
        In the end of the day what matters is real-life performance, thermals and power usage.

        • Faisal Shaharyar

          then why is it that they loose to power performance of exynos and snapdragon… SD 625 is performing much better than Helio P20 in power efficiency

          • I don’t think you’ve actually tested any of those phones.
            SD625 is good, but so is the P20(almost nothing between them)
            Doing extensive testing on the first P20 phone Meizu M3X for about a week now, and MTK have really stepped up their game with the P20(cool, fast and very efficient), hope X30 is the same.

          • Faisal Shaharyar

            Meizu settle differences with Qualcomm now they have signed a patent agreement…..

    • Jh1

      Agreed. If the X30 can provide sd821 levels of performance, at a midrange price point, while offering improved efficiency with the 10nm process, it should be a winner. Very few users truly need more power than the current flagship SoC’s offer, except to brag about benchmark scores. The x30 should be perfectly fine for 99.9% of users, as long as the gpu is adequate. I’m more interested in efficiency in improvements myself. My SD625 has thoroughly impressed me as far as battery life in the Redmi 4 prime. Hopefully the 10nm process will improve efficiency even further.

      • May Czos

        It wouldn’t be able to compete with 821 in anything except raw CPU performance (thanks to multiple cores). Other than that SD821 and Adreno 530 will be better and more power efficient. Production node isn’t everything, they make X20/X25 in 20nm process and it runs much hotter than SD652 and uses more energy. Mediatek still has a lot to learn.

      • There isn’t a single app that can utilize SD805 full, let alone SD820 or 821.
        Performance is no longer a problem for phones, manufacturers must concentrate on efficiency, camera and built quality.
        It’s perfectly OK to get a Snapdragon 625 phone, you won’t notice the difference between it and a SD820 in 99% of the apps and games.

    • Raky_b

      first SD830 devices is comming in January…so, yes…you are right, this is not competitor, this is destryer.

  • Raky_b

    MTK just can’t gein trust of users, since they do not provide Kernel source, so products runned buy their SoCs don’t offer custom ROMs like other.

    last year, when Quallcom was fuc*ed up with SD810, SD410 and especially SD615 and , MTK had better products in low and mid range…still was lagging behind in top level, but had a nice chanse to do something…but, no suport = no love.

    this year they did not have any good product, so….
    i just hope that Meizu will go back to Samsung, or else, they could stuck and die together with MTK.

    • Faisal Shaharyar

      Kirin doing a lot better… and it would be slightly lower in cost maybe Meizu will go that way…

      • Raky_b

        unnfortunally, they won’t.
        MTK are shareholders in MEIZU now, so they will stick to them.

    • balcobomber25

      Most users don’t even know what kernel sources are and will never use a custom ROM, it’s just the people like us. And we represent a very small percentage of the smartphone population. MTK is found in millions of phones especially in Asia where they have a huge fanbase.

      • May Czos

        Actually this data is important for manufacturers as well, it’s much easier to write updates when you know the source code.

        • balcobomber25

          Most manufacturers that use Mediatek buy the source code. Individual users can buy it from MTK too.

      • Raky_b

        That’s true, we are just fragments of smartphone market, but it’s not us who decides which SoC will be used, it is phone manufacturers….
        And they do know that it is harder to give support to the buyers, and opportunity to give them a chance to fix some issues on their own with custom ROMs,(and you know they like to use their own customers for beta testings, and so they are selling devices with half baked OS), without Mediatek’s help.

        And, so we came to regular users, and bad words spread out fast….maybe the wouldn’t ever install custom ROM, but they will read about what some devices can and some others can’t…. And that people don’t want to buy something “bad”, if they see that can better for same money.
        And plus on that was that, this year, MTK was under any level of the competition. In all segments… And things could go down for Mediatek from now on… As i said, bad words spread out.

        I wouldn’t say that they have “fan base” it’s just that many suppliers uses their chips gor a cheaper price, and when their sales is not as expected, than they are trying to fix it with “Pro” versions with Qualcomm’s chips (that is not necessarily more expensive, as we can see there are so many flagships with SD820 and 821 under 250$,even some under 200$, also some great devices with SD6xx SoC’s this year).

        Anyway, MT(K) have missed great opportunity last year, when they had good “alternative options” to Qualcomm flops, to do something bigger… And i truly believe one of reasons for that is that they are so closed to their users .

        • balcobomber25

          Again your comment is written from someone who knows about Custom ROM’s and SoC’s. The average consumer has no clue and buys their phone based on the brand name, the camera, the design etc. SoC is very low on that list. Mediatek makes some very good SoC’s for the average user which is why millions of people buy them. MTK didn’t miss any oppurtunity they have continued to grow every year.

  • balcobomber25

    Why would any of them using it? Oppo and Vivo have historically used SD chips in their flagships and Huawei uses their own Kirin chips. This was a waste of an article.

  • Wolvie

    The only good point that mediatek can use to sell its soc products to china manufacturer is they have to sell VERY CHEAPLY compare to other soc brands like qualcomm snapdragon, huawei kirin, or samsung exynos , and a bunch of other unknown soc.

    Probably Qualcomm is the most expensive soc because their technology are supported by qualcomm extensive R&D and they do sell and deploy their own GSM technology/infrastructures all around the world. So in other word, we feel safer to use qualcomm products for their compatibility with most GSM provider in the world is very high.

    Kirin is using in-house by huawei smartphones so since huawei smartphones are selling very well (somehow) then they don’t have any problem with their own soc stocks.

    Mediatek only sell soc, put stop, Seldom (or rarely) release their source code, sub par quality compare to other soc (CPU speed, GPU speed, power management, all sucks), mediatek soc android support is non-existent since they never ever fix their soc bugs but keep releasing new soc.

    So now mediatek start using new expensive technology 10 Nm and offer to sell to china manufacturers, of course they don’t want to buy (Except a couple of china big brands) as maybe the price is too expensive for them. China market is very saturated and highly competitive so the tricks is they put those underpower cheapo mediatek soc like mtk6753, mtk6750, etc. So again DON’T EXPECT ANYTHING GOOD with those lowend mediatek soc performance, just cheap price that’s all !!!!

    So again, i don’t dare to buy any mediatek smartphones until they can improve their soc (hardware & software). My spending now will be on mainstream (read : good support,fast and cheap) qualcomm soc smartphones, of course i don’t have money (and not so stupid) to fork my hard-earn money and buy crazy expensive flagship smartphone with qualcomm highend soc.

  • agunrunner

    it needs to have 4g lte for usa as usa is the biggest market for cellphones