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Vernee Mars Focuses on Aesthetics to Stand Out

by Habeeb Onawole 6

Most readers will agree that most phones in the last few years share several design similarities. Some manufacturers are not even ashamed of copying another phone’s design down to the last screw. The only difference is usually in the specifications, user interface, and price.

Vernee is one company that feels the attitude towards design should change. The company foresees a time when customers will suffer from what is called aesthetic fatigue caused by seeing the same design over and over again. It believes manufacturers who are not investing in design should do so as concentration on only specifications and pricing will negatively affect the development of the industry. Vernee is not just preaching and not practicing. It’s new phone, the Vernee Mars is a testament to its focus on design.

Vernee Mars

Vernee has worked hard on the design of the so that it stands out from the phones currently in the market. The front of the Mars sports a symmetric design and is fitted with a 2.5D display with rounded corners and sides. There is no physical buttons in front neither will you see the company’s brand name plastered on it. The company says a combination of Gel Suspension Technology and the ultra thin 1mm bezel allows the Mars to achieve a screen-to-body ratio of 81%. It’s fingerprint scanner is also on the side, which is sort of a rare thing to see on a Chinese phone.

For the back cover and frame, a 6000 series aircraft grade aluminium alloy that has undergone a total of 18 processes was used. Nano-injection molding and anodizing coloring process gives the cover a firm hold over the phone. The Vernee Mars is just 7.2mm thick, the surface has been treated with fine zircon (No. 220) and the sides are rounded allowing for a comfortable handling experience.

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Hardware design is not the only part where the Vernee Mars shines. On the software side, it is among the first Chinese phones to have an Android Nougat update which is pretty impressive as software updates is not a strong point of most Chinese manufacturers.

Vernee is currently running a campaign inviting people to come and test the phone for free. If you are interested,you can head over to this link and enter to be chosen.

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  • lildwell

    They need to spend more time focusing on what actually matters. Their software has been subpar to say the least. Their battery life is also horrid.

    • Aaron

      there really have some issues about software on Vernee phones, but i recognized that they do their job much better than Elephone, Umi, Ulefone….

      • lildwell

        I’m not worried or talking about those guys. While vernee does a better job than them, that doesn’t excuse them for criticism. Since you are a Vernee official, maybe you can internalize this and take it back to your superiors. Looks may be important to some but seeings how 99% or smartphones are rectangular bricks with slight differences, bezel size, color, notification led, etc, they tend to generally all look the same. Its not like you guys pulled a blackberry and added a qwerty keyboard. You need to focus on your software and pay attention to your customers in the official forums. Where’s nougat? Why is the camera decent to bad quality? What’s with the battery drain? Team M.A.D. has already gotten the Apollo lite and Thor to nougat before you guys released Nougat for the mars and bugs wise, its pretty mich the same. Work on your software. Put in bigger and better batteries. Stop paying attention to how many megapixels your phone has and use quality lenses. Optimize the camera software for said sensor and lenses. Become a great company instead of comparing yourselves to trash.

  • Speaking of aesthetics, one thing that really turns me off about the appearance of this phone is that the front is always black regardless of whether the back is silver, gold or grey. I hate phones that are not the same colour back and front and, because I prefer ANY colour but black, the black front bezels turn me off. Vermee is not the only OEM to do this. I suppose it is cheaper but this is one corner I don’t want to see cut.

    • Aaron

      come on, even iPhone is used to do the same thing on their front panel, i think it has no business about cost of that.

      • Yes, I agree iPhone is bad for wide bezels but the best Android phones are more compact than the Vermee Mars.