Samsung Says 96% of Galaxy Note 7 Phones Have Been Returned

by Habeeb Onawole 3

The Galaxy Note 7 was pulled off the market after a second spate of explosions started with the replacement units. Samsung, in a statement released on Tuesday says over 96% of all Galaxy Note 7 phones have been returned since the recall began last year.

Samsung had released the Galaxy Note 7 in August to critical acclaim only for things to go south when reports of some devices bursting up in flames started to circulate. Samsung decided to issue a recall after carrying out an inspection of the phones. Replacements were later sent back to those who had returned their phones. But that was not the end of Samsung’s woes as the replacement units still kept having issues.Galaxy Note 7

Things got so bad when a Galaxy Note 7 exploded on a Southwest Airlines flight and the Federal Aviation Authority had to ban the phone from flights.

Samsung had to issue another recall and eventually kill the Note 7 but it wasn’t easy getting people to part with the phone as some felt since they didn’t have any issue with their phone, they should not have to return it. To solve the issue, the company had to roll out an update that disabled the phone from charging.

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Samsung has said it will release the results of its investigations about the Note 7 fiasco this month even though independent investigations have said it was the phone’s design that caused the battery terminals to come in contact with each other leading it to overheat and catch fire. Despite the Note 7 scandal, Samsung’s shares have hit a record high.