Xiaomi Phone with 5-inch Display Appears on TENAA, Redmi 5?

by Jed John 0

A new Xiaomi smartphone with a 5-inch display has been certified by China’s telecoms regulatory body TENAA. The phone was spotted on TENAA yesterday accompanied by a set of cool renders of the device.

xiaomi phone

The Xiaomi smartphone is identified with the model number MAE136 and strangely packs just a few specs, unlike the usual TENAA listings. Xiaomi is becoming synonymous with large capacity batteries and the new device is listed as having a large 4000mAh battery under its hood. It also has a dimension of 139.24 x 69.94 x 8.65 mm.


Speculations are rife that this could be the Redmi 5, but it only bears a very slight resemblance to the Redmi 4. The device lacks a physical home button under the display and at the rear, there is a fingerprint sensor at the middle while the rear camera is tilted to the top left corner of the phone. The edges of the phone are more rounded than that of the Redmi 4 and there is a unique antenna band design at the back. There is a SIM tray slot at the side of the phone, indicating that it would be a dual SIM phone.



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The phone is listed as coming with a host of network bands including LTE. Unfortunately, nothing is known about the processor it features or the camera sensors or memory. Hopefully, some more details would emerge in the near future.


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