Dingdong A1 Takes On Amazon Alexa and Google Home with Chinese Voice

by Jed John 1

China is a country filled with talented individuals who are quite innovative in whatever they do. One aspect where the rich intellectual nature of the Chinese is very visible is in the aspect of producing the Chinese version of every product under the sun. If the West have got a Louis Vuitton handbag, chances are that there are thousands of Luis Vitton and other similar names with designs replicating the original product. That is just a minor aspect, though, but China has been able to replicate all products you’ll find in the west, ranging from car, airplanes, televisions, household items, smartphones and other smart gadgets and lots more. That doesn’t take away the fact that China’s has got its own array of amazing inventions.



Of late, Smart homes and smart home gadgets are taking over homes in the western world. Google and Amazon seem to be pioneering this aspect with their gadgets, the Google Home and Amazon Echo. And you know what, China has got its own Dingdong A1 smart home speaker which is said to square up to Amazon Echo and Google Home. The Dingding A1 is the brainchild of a Joint Venture (J.V) partnership between e-commerce guru Jingdong popularly called JD.com and iFlytek, a Chinese voice technology company. The partnership gave birth to Linglong Co which developed the Smart speaker.


The Dingdong A1 is a smart home speaker which comes with a conical shape and the ability to respond to questions , manage schedules, play music and connects with other household smart devices via WiFi. The Dingdong A1 does all that the Amazon Echo and Google Home are capable of but one edge it has over the duo is that it speaksChinese as well as English. Chinese users can even use the Smart speaker to learn how to speak English.


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Dingdong A1 has a very cute voice command to wake it up. Just like the fictional Alibaba had the “open Sesame” phrase, the Dingdong A1 has “Dingdong, Dingdong” as its own command. The speaker comes with a ridiculously cheap price tag of 798 Yuan ($116) but even at that, it is not known yet if it would perform well in the market and if in the long run it is anywhere close to Google Home and Amazon’s Echo. A closer, hands-on comparison will need to be done to determine that.