Samsung Employee Not Optimistic About Xiaomi’s Pinecone Processor

by Habeeb Onawole 4

It is still a few days before Xiaomi unveils its Pinecone processor. While some are excited, others are skeptical about its success. A Samsung employee belongs to the latter group and he has his reasons.

The Samsung employee decided to air his thoughts about the Pinecone processor through his Weibo account @Galant V. According to a loose translation of his post, he isn’t optimistic about Xiaomi’s decision to go into chip manufacturing. He believes the company is not yet at the right stage and also has strong opponents to compete against. In addition to those reasons, he adds that chip development is a really big deal and costs a lot of money.

Samsung Pinecone

His points are valid but we think Xiaomi must have considered all the possible ways it might go wrong and found solutions to them. Xiaomi makes tons of stuffs, a majority being smart home products. Having its own chip inside all these products is something they must be certainly looking at.

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How it will perform in phones is something that we will have to judge when the first phone sporting the Pinecone chip is released. Even if things are not perfect the first time, there will definitely be improvements in subsequent releases.

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