Samsung Already Stockpiling Over 12 million Galaxy S8 units Ahead of Launch Day

by Jed John 0

There are unconfirmed reports from South Korea that Samsung has started mass producing the Galaxy S8 units in its factory in Vietnam as it hopes to sell more than 10 million units of the smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s next big thing which it hopes to use to get over the loss accrued from the discontinuation and recall of the Galaxy Note 7. The company is ensuring it dots its Is and crosses its Ts in order to deliver a phenomenal smartphone which would take the market by storm.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The report on South Korea’s Naver Publication says Samsung intends to produce 4.7 million Galaxy S8 series smartphones in March and another 7.8 million units in April. This combines for a total of 12.5 million units which would be available in the first month of availability of the Galaxy S8. Reason being that Samsung aims to put it up for sales immediately after the March 29th announcement event.

Samsung Galaxy S8 right side

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes in two variants, one having a 5.8-inch display and another known as Galaxy S8+ with a larger 6.2-inch display. Both versions will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 chipset. Even though Samsung is intent on aggressively marketing the next-gen flagship, it hasn’t officially revealed the figures it hoped to produce or when sales would commence. This latest report could just be mere speculations but then, you never can tell, it may just be accurate. The Galaxy S8 would drop on March 29.

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