Weird Smartphone Colors That Became Popular In the Past One Year: Red is Hot in 2017!

by Jed John 0

The competition just keeps getting keener and more interesting by the day. Smartphone manufacturers are daily experimenting with different ways they could outwit each other in the race to the top. The competition is now on all fronts; RAM size, processor, display size and type, design and now the smartphone color options consumers get to choose from are ever increasing.

Basically, statistics have shown that the most popular smartphone color around is black and that is followed by white color. Apart from these two smartphone colours, which have been regulars, the past year saw a number of new colors emerging which left the norm and surprisingly they’ve been receiving widespread acceptance. The new color options we have seen the past one year are quite many but basically, we’ll be looking at those used on smartphones with the all-metal body, particularly the flagships. During this period we have seen smartphones in green, blue, red, rose gold colors and there was also the Mocha brown variant we saw on the Huawei Mate 9 but that wasn’t popular per se.






Blue has been one stand out color option during this period under review. A couple of years back, we would have thought colors like blue were only reserved for low-end and mid-range smartphones with a plastic body but flagships like the Honor 8 sported a blue variant and that didn’t make it look less premium. Calling it Sapphire blue only added some flavor to the name. Google Pixel and Pixel XL also came with a bright, vivid blue variant. Samsung also added a Coral Blue variant to the  Galaxy S7 Edge lineup recently and it added more sleekness to the flagship.


One of the smartphone colors that has become trendy within the last one year is red and this is a popular one. Just recently, Apple introduced a red variant to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and the response was tremendous. OPPO also gave the OPPO R9 and R9 Plus a red paint job that looks very attractive. Earlier on, HTC had released the HTC 10 and Desire 830 with one of the available color options being red on both models. Perhaps the most defining smartphone which made red phones a lot more special is the red variant of the Huawei P9 which received lots of positive appraisals. Huawei chose to continue the same trend on the P10 by including a red variant to its range. Red seems to be hot in 2017 and expect a few more models in this shade in the coming months. If you missed, even the local manufacturer UMi has a Red UMI Z variant.


Another popular color which was found on smartphones this last year was Green. There seems to be an ongoing green revolution presently. Huawei also included a green color variant on the P10 which was also done on the P9. Just days back, OPPO added a new green variant to the R9 and R9 Plus. At CES 2017, Xiaomi unveiled three new color variants for the Mi Note 2 and one of them was a green but all three are yet to be available commercially. So, it won’t be surprising if we see more green colored smartphone in 2017.
huawei P10 greenery
We could go on and on, there are colors aplenty which stood out during the last one year. Remember Xiaomi also unveiled a purple variant of the Mi Note 2 at CES as well as a pink variant? Rose gold is another shade of gold which is more like pink and has become a regular option on smartphones in the past couple of years. The Mi Note 2, Meizu Pro 6, iPhone 7, OPPO R9 and R9 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and several other high-end smartphones featured a rose gold variant in their lineup. This trend will continue in 2017 as well.
Huawei P10
We look forward to several more unique color options in the upcoming smartphones. Already, there are rumors presently that Xiaomi is planning to make the Mi 6 available in a range of color options and we really can’t wait to see that happen. Perhaps, you too can tell us in the comment section, the color option that catches your fancy presently.