New Xiaomi Mi 6 Image Shows Iris Scanner and Fingerprint Scanner

by Habeeb Onawole 8

A new image of Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship, the Mi 6 has surfaced online. The image shows just the front of the phone but gives us a good look at the iris scanner and fingerprint sensor.

The iris scanner can be seen sitting in-between the front facing camera and the earpiece. It will serve as an additional way for users to unlock their phone. Design wise, Xiaomi doesn’t seem to be joining the bezel-less display train like other manufacturers with the Mi 6, the Mi MIX is its contender for that category. So its not surprising to see that there are still bezels visible on all sides of the Mi 6.

Sitting at the bottom is a fingerprint scanner flanked on both sides by capacitive and definitely backlit buttons. The scanner is said to not push down like a physical button but will work like a capacitive one. So this is probably an ultrasonic sensor.

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The Snapdragon 835 powered flagship is expected to be launched during the week. Endless leaks and rumors say the Xiaomi Mi 6 will have a larger screen variant with the Plus moniker. The larger variant will also feature dual rear cameras. We  are not sure if this is the Mi 6 Plus but it looks bigger than a 5.15-inch phone.

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