Elephone Releases Photos of A Prototype Elephone S8

by Habeeb Onawole 3

A new set of images posted on Elephone’s twitter page shows a phone with a bezel-less design similar to the Xiaomi Mi MIX. Now for those of you who have been following the manufacturer, the device definitely looks familiar. Yes, this device looks exactly like the Elephone S8 and it probably is.

Elephone S8 Prototype

The Elephone S8 has been in the news for over four months now but still hasn’t been released. These pictures are of a working prototype released to probably show that the phone has not been shelved.

Most of the specifications are still unknown but it is said to sport a 6” FHD display and a Helio X27 SoC. There is also a fingerprint scanner sitting on the lower bezel which is considerably larger than that of the Mi MIX. None of the images show the back of the device but previous reports say there is a dual camera setup at the back.

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Elephone will need more than a tri-bezelless display and dual cameras to show that it can take on the Xiaomi Mi MIX. First, it will have to release this device and make sure it is available for purchase and also ships in time. It will also have to work on after sales support.