ORICO MOUPS 100,000mAh Powerbank Launched- A Universal Charging Powerhouse

by Jed John 1

Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer Orico has announced a new powerbank with a mammoth 100,000mAH capacity. The powerbank is named MOUPS and has the ability to change multiple devices, even smaller powerbanks, all at the same time. In reality, though, the Orico MOUPS is more of a portable uninterrupted power supply (UPS) gadget, as it can be used to power small refrigerators, TV, radios, mini drones, Notebooks etc.


The Orico MOUPS comes in two capacities, one with 50,000mAh battery capacity and the beast with a 100,000mAh battery. Both versions feature four USB interface which can be used to connect up to four different gadgets. They both also support Quick Charge 3.0 with a maximum output power of up to 18W.


The MOUPS (50000mAh & 100,000mAh) both use Panasonic, Samsung and LG batteries. The device also comes with LED lights that can be used for outdoor camping at night or any other activity in the dark. The gadget also comes with a 220V AC outlet in addition to the DC outlets and four USB ports. In addition, the device can be charged using a 36W solar charging board and that ca also be bought along with the powerbank. You can watch a Weibo video on the full functionalities of the UPS device from here.

orico moups

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As for their prices, the 50,000mAh version of the MOUPS has a price tag of 1,299 Yuan (~$188) while the price of the 100,000mAh model is even cheaper at 1,999 Yuan (~$290). The 36W solar charging panel costs just 500 Yuan (~$72).