What Specs Does The OnePlus 5 Need to Have to Be The 2017 Flagship Killer?

by Habeeb Onawole 2

It is no news that OnePlus is working on the OnePlus 5 already. The Chinese manufacturer is doing a good job keeping details of the phone closely guarded. But we are itching to know more about this upcoming device. While we wait for more details to surface, we have put together a list of the features the OnePlus 5 needs to have to be 2017’s flagship killer.

OnepPus 5


I am lumping this together because the display plays an important role in the overall design of the phone. OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau, recently teased an image of a phone with a dual-curved display. Whether this is just to mislead the public or to hint at the OnePlus 5 coming with a curved screen is still unconfirmed. There is a chance the display might be bigger than the traditional 5.5-inches OnePlus has been using since their first phone launched. However, the phone itself need not be bigger. The only way to achieve that will be to trim the bezels.

We also hope OnePlus adds some new colors to the mix. A red variant and an electric blue variant are the favorites. Black should be a default color now and not a special edition. So grey, black, gold, red and blue.

Dual Cameras

Dual Cameras have been trending since 2016 and some are of the opinion that OnePlus needs to join the train. What really matters is how OnePlus takes advantage of the hardware. The performance must be better than what a single camera offers and the software must be optimized to make best use of the cameras. How the sensors are setup is left to OnePlus. The Huawei P10 is the king when it comes to the Monochrome + RGB format while the iPhone 7 Plus leads for the telephoto + wide angle lens configuration. Whichever one the OnePlus 5 comes with has to match either one of the two.

Water Resistance

Most flagships this year will have one form of water resistance. This may definitely drive up the price of the phone but its the sacrifice we have to make to survive that accidental drop in the sink or a spill. OnePlus may want to keep it at being just spill resistant like the Xiaomi Mi 6 just to keep the price less than $500.

3.5mm Audio Jack

Whatever excuse anyone might come up with to defend the removal of the audio jack on a phone won’t be accepted by the majority of consumers. But manufacturers keep trying to shove phones lacking the audio output port down our throat. This is one ship we never want to see OnePlus sail on and we hope they don’t. Audio Jack is bae, and the OnePlus 5 will definitely be bae if it keeps the audio jack.

MicroSD Card Slot

None of the five devices released by OnePlus so far has a microSD card slot. It is time OnePlus embraced support for expandable storage. 64GB or 128GB should be the memory variants for the OnePlus 5 but users should have the option to expand the memory at will. Maximum capacity supported can be capped at 2TB.

Snapdragon 835 Processor

I shouldn’t even be writing this because what else other than the Snapdragon 835 processor should power the OnePlus 5?

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Smaller Variant Called OnePlus 5X

Last but not the least. This is just a wish but we hope OnePlus makes a smaller version of the phone. Not every one enjoys using a phone with a big display, that’s why manufacturers like Apple and Samsung usually release their flagships with two display sizes.

The phone will sport the same processor but just have a smaller display, probably a smaller RAM (4GB), and a sufficient battery (between 3000mAh to 3500mAh.  We even thought of a name already. The OnePlus 5X. It is a perfect blend of the new flagship and the OnePlus X.