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MediaTek Showcases Helio X30 Powerful Packed Features

by Jed John 9

This year, news on flagship mobile processors have almost been entirely centred on Qualcomm and the Snapdragon 835 chipset which has even found its way into smartphones. We almost forgot MediaTek has an Helio X30 which have been purportedly announced but is yet to find its way into any smartphone.

helio x30

MediaTek isn’t going to let Qualcomm grab all th media attention when it is searching for worthy OEMs from its Helio X30 chip. To this end, the company is promoting the Helio X30 features in a video presentation posted on its Weibo account. From what we can gather, the Helio X30 is the world’s first and currently the only mobile chip with a deca-core processor built on the 10nm manufacturing process which means its fire power may likely be superior.

The video reveals the Helio X30 comes with up to 35% increase in performance over the Helio X20. The new chipset also drops power consumption by 50%, that means it runs in a low power state ensuring you get twice the duration of usage which the X20 offered. In addition, the Helio X30 also comes with a new CorePilot verification system, baseband support and lots more.

helio x30

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Specs wise, the Helio X30 use two 2.5GHz Cortex-A73 cores and four 2.2GHz Cortex-A53 cores and four 1.9GHz Cortex-A35 cores. The highest baseband achievable is Cat. 10. The Helio X30 also comes with the PowerVRXTP-MT4 GPU clocked at 800MHz. The processor supports 4K screen, 8GB RAM, UFS 2.1 flash storage and more. You can watch the video from here.

Mediatek helio X30

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  • Juan Pedro Martín

    With this processor, Mediatek is closer to Qualcomm, Exynos high-end processosr than last year Helio processors.

    -Helio X20 vs 2016 high range CPUs. Helio X20 only supported DDR3 vs DDR4 of competitors, emmc vs ufs of its competitors, low-end GPU (between 2-3 times lower performance) vs their competitors (Qualcomm and exynos), 20nm vs 16 or 14nm, etc.

    -Helio x20 vs the mid-high range 2016 CPUS. If we compare Helio x20 vs SD650 it has equal or better CPU but worst GPU. The 20nm are good vs 28nm of SD in heat management but the GPU is about 70% lower performance. If we compare vs SD625. The SD625 has less consumption (14nm), less CPU but a little better GPU (around 20% better).

    In helio x30, things has changed. Helio X30 supports DDR4x as SD835 and Exynos 8895 2017 high-end cpus. It also support UFS 2.1 and the CPU and GPU power (yes GPU!!) is only a little under the 2017 high-end CPU and similar to the 2016 high-end ones.

    Although Helio X30 is a little under the power of 2017 high-end CPUS, it has an adventage over them and much adventage over 2016 ones. It is the power efficiency:
    -Tri cluster including 4 low consumtion cores A35!! (the first CPU that uses them).
    -Low consumption GPU
    -Efficiency Technologies like EnergySmartScreen, etc

    Furthermore it includes a high-end 14 bits ISP and vpu that offer a lot of new features in camera and vision.

    My conclusion: Helio x30=Ceap very efficent Snapdragon 821…In my opinion the perfect nowdays CPU (I prefer cheap low consumption SD821 than more powerfull expensive SD835).

    • androwin

      And when devs optimize apps for multi-threading it’ll crush both SD835 and exynos (that if it has the ability to run 10 cores at the same time).

      I’m really interested to see what Mediatek will offer next year with their Helio X35/X40. Competition is good for all of us.

    • Zero

      Remember something… If Mediatek uses ARM A35 on Helios… How they won’t use it on cheaper designs?

      I mean…. Just imagine if Mediatek uses a new brand Quad Core ARM A35 at 1.8 Ghz on 28 nm with Mali GPU T860 MP2 at 400 Mhz… Consuming the same energy like the MT6738… It will crush all low tier Quad Cores available!

      Also… You forgot that this year Helio P30/35 will come at the 2nd half and it will use the ARM A35 cores as the power saving ones. The only problem is GPU.. they will use the Mali G71… Why they did not use better the Power VR GT7200 Plus?

  • Muhammad Yasir

    so sad to see they had to promote it like this … no natural market demand

    i hope something changes for MTK …

    from what i’ve read , it’s an above DECENT CPU … it should be in demand , ATLEAST among THOSE companies which cannot obtain the Snapdragon 835 due to cost or due to bragging rights

    • Zero

      Seems that the only big players that will enter on this are Meizu, Asus, Elephone, Gionee and maybe LG… And in Asus case was because the poor production of SD 835…

      • Muhammad Yasir

        i hope they do make some forays and inroads , by hook OR by crook

        because otherwise , it’s a bad thing for market and end users !

      • Rudra Bhatt

        Meizu Pro 7 is looking great as per leaks. 2 cameras, X30, some sort of secondary display too.

    • Joe mont

      Maybe if they properly released their GPL compliant source code like they are supposed to it wouldnt be seen as a janky brand thats run from the gutter.

      • Karoon

        Maybe if people finally understood that this is the question they should address the vendors, i.e. the ones who made your phone, not the company that makes the CPU, then this whole thing with the source code would be sorted out. Lenovo, Vernee, LeEco and some other companies did release the source code of the kernels of their MTK powered phones, while Gionee, who use Qualcomm CPUs never bothers to release their kernel sources, which is why their phones are rarely supported with custom roms. Dude, get your facts straight.