A Collection of OnePlus 5 Leaks and Renders, Which is The Real Deal?

by Habeeb Onawole 2

In the last one week or thereabout, there have been lots of leaks regarding the OnePlus 5. It is hard to tell which is genuine or which is fake. But we want to believe at least one of these images shows the original OnePlus 5.

Before we dive into the analysis of each one, a new image alleged to be a prototype of the OnePlus 5 leaked again a few days ago. What is special about this new leak is that it doesn’t have an audio jack. Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The audio jack could simply have been moved to the top and not permanently removed. And seeing the result from Carl Pei’s poll from last year asking if we like headphone jacks, we don’t think he’d want to break our hearts.

Now on to the leaks. The major differences between these leaks are the dual cameras and antenna design. Although there are a few smaller ones like button placements and colors.

OnePlus 5

Design 1

The first leak we are looking at shows the OnePlus 5 in black with single thin antenna lines at the top and bottom. The dual cameras share a single housing and are flush with the rest of the phone. Sitting a few millimeters from the camera is a circular LED flash. It also sports a single physical button on the right.

OnePlus 5

Design 2

Another design from the same source but just a little different. The camera setup is the same but is raised a bit from the rest of the body just like that of the iPhone 7 Plus. The LED flash has also been moved to the center of the phone. This second render has its power button and volume rocker on the left side.

Design 3

This render changes things a bit more. The color scheme is white but the camera design is the same as the one above. One addition to this setup is a secondary microphone that sits between the cameras  and the LED flash.

The antenna lines have also been redesigned to look just like that of the iPhone 7 Plus. This render is basically an iPhone 7 with less curve and a blurred out OnePlus logo. We sincerely hope OnePlus doesn’t go with this design.

Design 4

Another take on design 3 but has the cameras flush with the back of the phone. It doesn’t look bad but the focus appears to be on the antenna line and not the camera setup.

Design 5

This is another take of design 2 and design 3. The dual cameras separated and have a chrome ring around them. We hope this design never got approved.

OnePlus 5 horizontal rear camera

Design 6

This is a bit more refined and not a shameless copy of the iPhone 7 Plus. The antenna line is the same U-design as those above but the dual rear cameras have a different design. The cameras are spaced apart but share the same housing. There is a secondary microphone on the right and a dual LED flash on the left of the camera setup.

OnePlus 5 prototype


Design 7

This is the prototype we talked about that lacks an audio jack. The dual rear cameras are positioned vertically just right above the OnePlus logo and they share a single housing. The LED flash sits between the two sensors, so it is protected by the same glass covering the sensors.

I like the fact that this unit lacks antenna lines. This gives the OnePlus 5 a simple and clean look. Of all the designs so far, this is what I hope the OnePlus 5 looks like.

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Design 8

This design reminds us of the Honor V9 or Honor 8 Pro. The dual cameras are in a single housing but are positioned on the antenna line along with the LED flash.

However, instead of having its fingerprint scanner at the back, it is positioned in front of the device. The image also reveals the bottom of the phone where we have speaker grilles flanking the USB Type-C port on both sides. Sadly, this also doesn’t have an audio jack.


Which of these designs is your favorite? Let us know in the comment box below.