Nubia’s GM Teases Pressure Sensitive Display for Nubia Z17 and New Version of UI

by Habeeb Onawole 0

The Nubia Z17 may just be the phone to give the Xiaomi Mi 6 a run for its money.  A video teaser by Ni Fei, the company’s General Manager, hints at the Z17 featuring a pressure sensitive display.

A pressure sensitive display allows you to perform functions akin to right-clicking on a PC. By applying the right amount of pressure on an app’s icon, additional functions are displayed. As you can see from the screenshots, pushing down on the calendar app, will show you the weather for the day, and an option to add new event without you having to open the app. Another example shown is when you long press the clock icon and you get presented with a sub-menu that includes a timer or stopwatch.

Basically, the pressure sensitive display saves you additional taps by providing you access to functions you wouldn’t usually have access to if you don’t launch the app. The Xiaomi Mi 5s (128GB version only) launched with a pressure sensitive display but for reasons best known to Xiaomi, the Mi 6 doesn’t come with one.

Nubia UI 5.0

The last example of the pressure sensitive display is for the settings app which lets you jump straight to the update page. This is where we see the second teaser. The Nubia Z17 in the video is running Nubia UI 5.0.

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This is Nubia’s latest version of its user interface which will debut on the Z17. The recently released Nubia Z17 Mini launched with Nubia UI 4.0. We expect the company to officially announce the UI during the launch of the Z17 and also reveal update details for its other devices.