Leaked Poster Reveals Meizu-Nokia Joint Event Next Month

by Habeeb Onawole 1

There is no denying it that Meizu has something for Nokia. If you still remember, Meizu sent out the invite for the M2 along with a Nokia 1110 back in 2015. Last year, they did something similar when they sent out invites for another launch along with a Nokia E71.

These actions were interpreted to mean there was a Meizu-Nokia collaboration on the products but as we all know, none of them had any links to Nokia.

Meizu-Nokia Joint Event

A teaser poster that was released online yesterday reveals we may be seeing that partnership manifest come next month. The poster has the iconic “Nokia handshake” with two lines of text that roughly translates into “paying tribute to the classic” and “Meizu Blue Charm and Nokia Joint Conference Next Month”.

The poster doesn’t reveal much. Some speculate that Nokia may be working with Meizu to release some of its phones with Flyme OS. It is still a wide guess for now.

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Meizu itself hasn’t confirmed the event as the image was leaked on Weibo. That means there is a chance this might not even be real. So until Meizu officially confirms the event, we just have to take the info with a pinch of salt.