Huawei Launches Sports Band, Panoramic Camera & Bluetooth Headset

by Jed John 0

Huawei seems to be on a releasing spree right now both on the Huawei end and the Honor end. Just recently, the company unveiled a couple of budget smartphones. We had also seen the Honor V9 and Honor 6A along with an Honor Smartband. The tech giant today announced the Huawei Nova 2 and Nova 2 Plus and that wasn’t all. Huawei also pulled the wraps off three cool accessories; aHuawei-branded sports band, a panoramic camera and a Bluetooth headset. We’ll take a quick look at the features of the three accessories.

Huawei Panoramic Camera

Huawei Panoramic Camera

The Panoramic camera is capable of taking 360 ° panoramic photos and videos and can be plugged directly into a smartphone. for this function, it has a USB Type-C port and si it compatible with smartphones which are USB OTG-enabled. The camera comes wit two lenses, one at the front and the other are the back. So, you get a  360 ° x  360 ° shot. Both lenses have 13MP sensors and apart from panoramic shots, they are capable of taking wide-angle shots. It is a plug and play camera which makes it easy to use without the need for a special app. The images captured can also be shared through the phone.

Huawei Panoramic Camera

Huawei shared samples of the shot which the panoramic camera captured and they are quite nice. The Huawei Panoramic camera is priced at 899 Yuan and would go on sale from June 30.

Huawei Sports Band

Huawei also launched a sports band which is touted to be its first Smartband made specifically for sports persons. The smart band has a GPS version which features an inbuilt GPS chip that can analyse data including distance, speed etc. The data can be shared with friends.

Huawei sports band

The Huawei Sports band is said to have a waterproof body that can withstand a water depth of up to 50 meters. Thus it can be used for swimming, running and other sporting activities. It also has a feature which measures the calories lost. One common feature on most smart bands today is heart rate monitor and the Huawei band doesn’t miss having that. The device packs a heart rate monitor. The band features a low power chip and can last up to 21 days on a single charge which is 80% higher than previous Huawei smart bands.

Huawei sport band

As for the prices, the Huawei Smart band with GPS function carries a price tag of 388 Yuan while the standard version comes in at 298 Yuan. The sports band will be available in Black, Green, Blue and other attractive colors. It will go on sales on July 14.

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Huawei Bluetooth Headset

The third product unveiled is Bluetooth headset with a heart rate monitoring function.  So, with the headset, you not only get to listen to high-quality music on the Bluetooth wireless headset, but it also monitors your heart rate as you do.