OPPO R11 Gets the Video Treatment Showcasing Its New Design In Silver

by Joel 0

OPPO is known for its aggressive marketing methods and there’s no surprise that the promotions and teasers for its upcoming OPPO R11 flagship started nearly a month before its official release on June 10. The company has roped in many celebrities to promote its smartphones and even for the R11, we have seen a lot of celebs showing off the flagship on multiple occasions. But if you were hoping to get a close look at the smartphone in real life, the promo videos or teasers didn’t do much justice. But now, we have spotted a new video which shows off the OPPO R11 in good clarity, finally confirming most of the design features that we already knew about.

oppo r11 real phone

So, like we saw in the posters, the OPPO R11 will come with the new antenna band design on the top as well as the bottom. This should also mean that the phone features an all metal body. There’s a dual camera setup on the top as well as a LED flash. We can also see that the camera setup protrudes quite significantly from the back. That’s not surprisingly given that OPPO’s R series phones are super thin, with the current OPPO R9S model featuring a super slim 6.6mm body.

oppo r11 protruding camera back

The front is simple, with slim bezels on the sides and a physical home button that should also act as a fingerprint sensor. Personally, I would have liked the top and bottom bezels to be thinner, to bring the front in tune with the 2017 flagship design.

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oppo r11 front real phone


Anyway, you can check out the entire video down below. Let us know what you think about the phone’s design.


NOTE: If you are on Chrome and are unable to see this video, you can either allow loading unsafe scripts (there’s an option just beside the bookmark star on the url bar on Chrome) or you can visit this link to the video on Weibo.