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Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Is Actually A Replacement For A Slower Snapdragon 835 Variant: Analyst

by Joe 15

We know the Snapdragon 835 processor is one of the best Android chipsets in the market right now but it’s costly as well as hard to mass produce in very large quantities. The chip is manufactured using an advanced 10nm FinFET process by Samsung, making the Korean giant the first in the industry to mass produce smartphone processors using this tech. The advantages of 10nm are pretty huge, but the mass production limitations do affect the supply of smartphones with this chip.

Snapdragon 660 comments

The popular analyst from China, Pan Jiutang revealed earlier today that Qualcomm had initially planned to release a slower version of Snapdragon 835 code named MSM8997. However, the current mass manufacturing limitations of the 10nm FinFET process forced the company to change plans and focus on Snapdragon 660 as its replacement.


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Snapdragon 660 specs

This is probably why the Snapdragon 660 (inside the OPPO R11 and R11 Plus) became the first processor in the mid-range 600 series to get custom Kryo cores, which was initially exclusive to the top-end Snapdragon 800 series. Note that the octa-core Kryo 260 cores in the SD660 are a bit different than the Kryo 280 cores inside the SD835. But the fact that the SD660 uses custom cores does put it much closer to the top-end Snapdragon 800 series than its predecessors like SD653 or SD652. Further, the new SD660 chip features flagship grade ISP (Qualcomm Spectra 160 ISP) to ensure that you get the maximum performance out of your smartphone cameras.

Hence, it’s very likely that many affordable flagship smartphones of 2017 would end up with Snapdragon 660 and not Snapdragon 835.



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  • Zero

    So… 660 is the SD 835 with older process?

    • Joe

      apart from the older 14nm process used, SD660 does have other differences like the Kryo cores used (260 instead of 280), GPU and ISP. But despite the differences, Qualcomm seems to want manufacturers to consider 660 as a cheaper alternative to achieve flagship like performance.

    • Guaire

      Not at all.

    • z4ck

      apart that, the biggest difference is the GPU. Adreno540 is a beast but beast in terms of power consumption too. s660’s Adreno512 is much more efficient and enough performant.
      Another thing, kryo280 and kryo260 are both based on A73/A53 so they are similar but kryo260 has 1MB L2 cache and kryo280 has 2MB L2 cache. (I won’t state about frequencies because it’s modifiable)

  • Guaire

    Grade A BS.

    • PI

      everything is BS until u have supercomputer hanging with your balls

  • Sero

    it is really good to hear that..

  • Serod

    it is really good to hear that lol..

  • z4ck

    The “build on license” is just for marketing. kryo280 and kryo260 are completely different from kryo used in s820/s821. The kryo used in s820/s821 has a much higher IPC in most aspects, and especially in floating point performance. Just to remember, kryo280 and kryo260 are in fact CortexA73.
    If you really configure kryo in 8cores, 2.45GHz-1.9GHz, it’s Antutu score should be at least 230k and 9k in gb3.

    • Zero

      I thought that Kryo 280 is A73 and Kryo 260 is A72.

  • Test Acc

    It is really worth?? Are you serious for that???

    • Pranav


  • Test Acc

    Hello how can i get this?

  • Test Acc


  • Jc Reyes Garcia

    so which soc is better SD800 or SD660 ?