OnePlus 5 Teaser: OnePlus Hints Read Mode Feature, Refined OxygenOS Experience

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

As it has done for its predecessor phones, OnePlus is now releasing teasers to add more hype to OnePlus 5 before its official launch on June 20. The newest teaser that it has revealed on Twitter as a video is that OnePlus 5 would be coming with a filter for blue light along with several new software features.

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The video that has been added by OnePlus on its Twitter handle shows an eBook reader that comes with a manually adjustable setting for the screen’s color temperature. The video is about what OnePlus has refreshed on OxygenOS.

OnePlus is speculated to come with a 5.5-inch full HD display. Continuous viewing a screen that emits blue limit can not only affect the vision but also can impact the sleep by suppressing a hormone called melatonin. Hence, several smartphone OEMs are including blue light filter feature for better reading and screen viewing experience for longer durations. The feature can truly help in putting less strain while viewing the phone’s screen in the dark.

Xiaomi offers a feature called Read Mode in MIUI that turns the color of the display into a pale shade of yellow. Apple is also offering a similar feature called Night Shift in iOS. Also, there are several apps available for it on Play Store. The OnePlus 5 is confirmed to debut this feature. It seems that this feature will be also introduced on OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3 smartphones.

Through another tweet, the company is conveying how smooth the OxygenOS experience will be on OnePlus 5. The tweet that is captioned as “software designed with style and refinement” probably refers to the latest version of OxygenOS that will be coming on OnePlus 5.

The background image in the above tweet suggests that it may carry support for UI themes. The current OnePlus UI allows users to color accents can be modified throughout the interface. The black and white portion in the image may hint to the monochrome sensor that will be present in its rear-facing dual camera system. A photo shared by OnePlus suggests that OnePlus 5 would be able to shoot photos with bokeh effect through its dual rear cameras.