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Samsung Galaxy S8 Shook The Chinese Industry, More Full Screen Phones Coming From China

by Jed John 6

A Full-screen forum was held in the Shenzhen district of China’s Guangdong province on Thursday with the deliberations bothering squarely on full display technology, innovations, concepts and other new things that could change the way we use smartphones. The forum had in attendance individuals from all walk of life.full-screen phone

The Full-screen forum is a clear demonstration of the growing admiration for bezel-less displays in China. The Xiaomi Mi Mix was the first to break the barrier and launch a full-screen phone with up to 93% screen-to-body ratio. Thereafter South Korean giant Samsung caught the bug and released the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with a bezel-less Infinity display having 84% screen-to-body ratio. Samsung seems to have leveraged on the wide receivership the Mi Mix but the Galaxy S8 is looking way more superior and successful than the Mi Mix.full-screen forum

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are already demolishing previous sales records set by the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. That is perhaps why Lee Hyun Hong ShaneLee, Director of Samsung China Design Institute thinks Samsung shocked the entire Chinese smartphone manufacturers with the release of its latest flagship. In actual sense, the frenzy was already catching on before Samsung launched the Galaxy flagships. Xiaomi, not Samsung kickstarted the whole thing with the LG G6 coming out with a similar design even before Samsung’s flagships. But then, Samsung’s position as a global market leader is the best form of promotion the new smartphone design could get. The success of the Mi Mix and the monumental feats achieved by the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus so far will only make more manufacturers want to key into the design style.

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Already, several Chinese manufacturers have different models in the works like the Doogee Mix, Maze Alpha, Bluboo S1, IDWell D10, Leagoo T-Mix, all with various degrees of full displays. There are indicators such as the huge turn out experienced during the Full-screen forum which points to the likelihood of next year being flooded with full-screen models. Before then, expect more models this year, like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Huawei and Vivo are also expected to launch full-screen models this year.




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  • Rob

    I like the bezel-less design, not very practical for me as I would probably drop it the first week and smash it. However, I do hope we don’t keep getting these stupid curved sides that Samsung insist on using as it is a deal breaker for me, please make your phones flat!!

    • Assefa Hanson

      Exactly Samsung’s implementation is too form over function but sadly it will catch on because the premium market is all about being impractical it’s status signaling to say you have so much money to waste, hence back in the day people had pets, the rich women would wear long ass nails to show they didn’t don’t need to cook or lift a finger to do anything etc it’s the same for phones

      This guy on YouTube was telling me he paid insurance for his s8 0_0

      • Rob

        I don’t blame him insuring it, I cracked the screen on my phone and tried to take out insurance but can’t insure Chinese phones unless they are bought from a UK seller. I don’t suppose a 6″ super amoled display is gonna be cheap so gotta use it broken 😥

  • Luhan

    Xiaomi screwed up by not producing millions of the Mi MIX, while Samsung quickly copied Xiaomi’s idea and is now reaping the big sales reward.

  • Guaire

    Xiaomi could reconquer the Chinese market with a low cost, high volume variant of the Mix.

    The Mix is overpriced, scarcely available, too fragile for day to day usage, being most expensive Mi flagship it has worst camera, worse considering the fact even best Xiaomi flagship are behind the curve on camera department. Side by side with and AMOLED screen, LCD fails to impress.

  • KlingOn2K

    What’s with the remote-control aspect ratio?