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LG Uplus Confirms Samsung Galaxy Note FE Launches on July 7

by Habeeb Onawole 3

You may be wondering what LG has got to do with Samsung’s Galaxy Note FE. Actually its LG’s carrier network LG U+, and it leaked the launch date for the refurbished Galaxy Note 7.

Galaxy Note FE

The carrier took to its official Facebook page to announce the launch date for the phone as July 7 but later took the post down. The date corresponds to what was reported earlier this week by Wall Street Journal.

Other info revealed by the post mentions a pre-order that starts today and runs through to July 6. It also states that there are limited quantities available.

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The Galaxy Note 7 was released last year but had to be pulled off the market due to its exploding batteries. Samsung is relaunching it as the Galaxy Note Fan Edition (or you can say Fire Extinguisher) with a smaller battery capacity. Other specs remain the same save.

The Galaxy Note FE is said to have a 700,000 KRW (~$625) price tag.

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  • Johhny John

    Wow, so cheap for a phone that was so problematic…

  • eliHd

    Your wallet need to be on fire to get this 2nd hand phone

  • If it is a Fan Edition, then Samsung should offer it first to the fans how went and preordered Note 7 and offer it to them with a discounted price that convince them to stay fans of the note line, I had a note 4 and I was waiting for a real not (sure Note the note 5), then they skipped note 6 and give us the note 7 with removed features (like IR Blaster and removable battery), then after that this device exploded, then returned to note 4, and we waited as a fans, now they offer it not for us “the fans”! and they dare to call it fan edition!

    actually they promised us when we returned the note 7 that we will have a special discount or treatment for next note!

    This is it, I think I was fan for too long time and it’s the correct time to move to somewhere else that they really value their fans!