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Andy Rubin’s Essential Facing Problems As Top Executives Resign

by Habeeb Onawole 3

The Essential Phone by Andy Rubin should already be available for purchase but it is already past 30 days since the shipping date deadline set by Mr.Rubin himself.

Essential Phone

It appears the delay isn’t the only problem the new tech company is facing. Reports say it is also having issues with top executives, two of whom have resigned recently.

The company’s vice-president of marketing, Brian Wallace announced his resignation recently. He is now the Chief Marketing Officer of, a startup founded by musician

Mr Wallace is the second top executive to resign in recent times. Andy Fouché, who held the post of Head of Communications left in June according to His LinkedIn page.

These two positions are key ones in any company and it means a lot if a company loses its marketing and communications chiefs before it even launches its first product. The reason for their departure is unknown but some say Andy Rubin is a difficult person to work with.

The Essential Phone is a Snapdragon 835-powered phone with a bezel-less design. It also plays with modularity as it has support for additional hardware that can be attached to the back via 2 accessory power pins. A 360-degree camera is the first accessory made for the phone.

The Essential Phone has a display of 5.7-inches, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. Following the trend of modern smartphones, the Essential PH-1 has dual rear cameras (13MP RGB+ 13MP true monochrome sensors) and up in front is an 8MP sensor. Battery is 3040mAh and there is NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 and Gorilla Glass 5 on both sides.

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The Essential Phone is a beautiful phone but a rugged one too. Instead of aluminium, it has a titanium body making it stronger and more rugged than your average phone.


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  • johala02

    I think its very hard to release a expensive flagship at this time. Especially for a totaly unknown brand. I think Rubin would have done it 3 or 4 years ago. Now it might be to late.

  • Adi

    Correction: Gorilla glass front, ceramic back (better than glass). If the phone would be available I would buy one now. I would like if the phone have an SD card but with 128 GB internal memory it’s OK for my use. Just hope the camera will be OK in my opinion is the best configuration for a dual camera (RGB + MONO) but depends of course of the sensors and lenses. Unfortunately their windows of opportunity is small soon a few other interesting phones will arrive (LG V30 and Pixel 2 at least) which may be more attractive. Unfortunately no Chinese high end phone is of any interest for me now (low and medium level are still OK for the price) because of their screens which are stuck on FHD only which is an absolute no for me for any phone over $300.

    • Mike

      I agree. I think it’s the best looking phone available now (I don’t like Samsung rounded design, but I agree it depends of the taste. I also gave up on Chinese phones , time to change my phone and looking to a high end model. One Plus is a complete disappointment , same reason bad screen , it looks like there are divergent requirements between markets now Asia it’s concerned about RAM and benchmarks , but for the West the screen is more important (HTC learned this but a little bit to late, they lost probably a full year because they applied before the “Chinese” requirements when they released a FHD phone when every other brand was already on QHD bandwagon and I doubt they will ever recover.