Image of Meizu Flow Headset Leaks, Looks Like The AKG K3003

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Meizu will launch the Pro7 on July 26. Alongside the new flagship, it will also unveil a new pair of headphones called the Meizu Flow.

AKG K3003i

Meizu Flow

An image of the Meizu Flow leaked ahead of its launch and for audiophiles who are familiar with earphones, it looks very familiar. A Twitter user @LeaksEva who had previously seen the earphones on a French retail site for €599.99 tweeted that it looks like the AKG K3003i released back in 2011.

The AKG K3003i is a pair of high-end earphones that sold for over $500. It is even listed for $999.95 on AKG’s own website but goes for $649.99 on Amazon. The AKG K3003i is not only an expensive pair of earphones, it is also one of the best in the market.

It is not unusual to see Chinese manufacturers clone the design of other popular companies. Last year, Xiaomi was in the news for copying the design of the Jawbone Mini Jambox for its Mi Box speaker. We don’t know if Jawbone filed a lawsuit or not. However, we will never know as Jawbone is now dead.

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AKG may also not take this up with Meizu. The Flow will most likely not sell for up to half the price of the AKGs and may never sound as good as it is. Meizu does make good earphones though so we expect the Flow to sound good but not as great as the K3003i.

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