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Meizu Pro7 Spec Sheet Leaks Ahead of Tomorrow’s Launch

by Habeeb Onawole 5

The Meizu Pro7 and Pro7 Plus are expected to launch tomorrow. Yesterday, Mediatek revealed the processors that will power both phones and we were surprised to learn that only one of them will get the Helio X30 SoC. Today, an image revealing key specification details has been leaked online.

Meizu Pro7 Spec sheet

The selling point of the Meizu Pro7 is its secondary LCD display mounted on the back. The spec sheet says the display measures 1.9-inches while the primary display is 5.2-inches.

The Pro7 will have two variants. One with a Helio P25 SoC and the other will be powered by the Helio X30. They will both have 4GB of RAM but storage capacity will differ. We believe the Helio P25 model will have 64GB of storage and the X30 version will get 128GB of storage.

Meizu is also joining the dual-camera train with the Pro7. The cameras are positioned above the secondary display. Both are 12MP Sony sensors and there is a 16MP shooter for the front facing camera.

Other features mentioned include Meizu’s mCharge 24W fast charging technology and Flyme 6 based on Android 7.0.

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The battery capacity is still unknown and pricing has not been revealed. We also do not know what dual camera technology Meizu has adopted. The launch is 24 hours away, so we guess we can wait to find out the remaining details.

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  • Zero

    Stupid move to add Helio P25… Why not making debut a new Helio P series?

    • Yosenju

      Meizu Pro 7 with P25 and some months later Meizu MX7 avec the same processor … (CF Pro 6 and MX6)

  • ZZ

    why do never all manufacturers when they making a new phone using always only the latest new Teck specks only but no all do it differently using always old and new mix but no one all new stuff only and always be the very best. Are they talking to each other to give anybody a chance to make money and keep a lot of companies in business instead of cutting it a bit down from toooooooooo many manufacturers what we need only. Cheaper still can try to combat each other either to be on of them on top or one of them on the bottom. Non of the big players ever done all the goods in one single phone under one name only and finish and instead of making quantum leaps no they must suck us out and doing one smal step for and two backwards. What a crab.

  • Peter Schmidt

    stupid move to add a second display, even a full color and full hd display on the back. Meizu you are awesome. Making 3 years the same design and adding than a feature, which nobody needs.

    • Mosh

      hehehe….i think the back screen will be for energy saving purposes;small screen less power consumption….plus taking better quality selfies using the back highres camera other than the fron low res selfie camera