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Xiaomi Launches the Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike Priced At 1999 Yuan ($299)

by Jed John 7

Xiaomi has launched yet under bicycle which is dubbed Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike which comes with a good number of features that ordinarily won’t be found on a bike. This is a mountain bike and so, is designed for hiking and Xiaomi put that into consideration when adding features to the bike.Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike

The Mi Qicycle mountain bike has a dimension of 1650 x 235 x 785mm. weighing just around 13.6kg and that is because it has a frame made from aluminum. The bike equally has wide 27.5-inch wheels which match the body. On the mechanical parts, the Qicycle mountain bike comes with 11-speed transmission system, Shimano hydraulic disc brake system, as well as a hydraulic shock absorber system which makes it easy to navigate through different terrain. Also, the bike is convenient for one-handed operation.Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike

Now, talking about the Smart feature, the Mi Qicycle Mountain bike comes with Location based Services (LBS), GPS, and AGPS which all assist in locating the location of the bike and there is a China mobile SIM through which the feature works. In addition, there is a dedicated app where data such as track record, driving time and others can be checked via a compatible smartphone. The bike also has a distance alert which can be set at a desired distance which the rider would like to cover, so as not to exceed it. The smart module comes with a  2600mAh built-in Lithium battery which has the standard USB charging port. The battery can be charged via a mobile power bank and just two hours of charge can last up to 15 days usage.Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike

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As for the price, the Qicycle mountain bike is way cheaper than the super expensive $3,000 QiCycle R1 and is even cheaper than the foldable electric bicycle that sells for $455. It carries a modest price tag of just 1999 Yuan ($299). The bicycle is a crowdfunding product and is open for funding on Mi Home.

Mi Qicycle Mountain BikeMi Qicycle Mountain BikeMi Qicycle Mountain BikeMi Qicycle Mountain BikeMi Qicycle Mountain BikeMi Qicycle Mountain Bike

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  • Rob Smitab

    Want this for my current mtb

  • Robert Cvetanov

    What “Mountain Bike” without shock-absorber on the back??? You gonna destroy yourself if you try to drive this at any Mountain…

    • Alex Keuano

      Back absorber is for downhill bikes. MTB comes without it

      • Robert Cvetanov

        wish you luck drive that bike somewhere else than road…

        • Hookie

          Lewl. xD You have clearly no idea what you’re talking about. Did you even ride a bike once? Really, you know what MTB HT is? Hard Tail? Without rear shock absorber? I thought it’s a well known knowledge for like decades, even for children.

  • Open up MI Europe stores and sell these like hotcakes!

  • aftabnaveed

    Is it already available for sale? And is it comarable to Trek and GIAnT bikes?