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First Windows 10 ARM PC With Snapdragon 835 Coming Soon – Qualcomm

by Habeeb Onawole 19

It has been months since Microsoft and Qualcomm announced that they would launch a Windows PC powered by ARM chips. While both tech companies didn’t announce the PC at this year’s IFA, Qualcomm confirmed that the first Windows 10 ARM PC would come with a Snapdragon 835 SoC.

Windows 10 ARM

The PC is said to be scheduled for a Q4 launch. Although it would have made more sense to release the PC now that students are shopping for their return to school. Let’s hope they release it in time for the holidays. Apart from those two pieces of info, nothing else was revealed.

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The ARM PC is expected to be thin and light-weight. It would also have a long battery life as well as LTE connectivity. We should also expect the PC to have stylus support. With respect to price, we speculate that the one from Microsoft and Qualcomm will not be dirt cheap. But those from other manufacturers such as Lenovo, HP, and ASUS may be more affordable. It will be interesting to see Xiaomi also release its own version.




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  • All eyes on Xiaomi.

    • diego

      Com certeza Tahar.

      • Mäuri Freitas

        que mané xiaomi o que, isso xeira a surface phone

  • Zero

    Waiting for Xiaomi to release a Surge version… So they needs to talk with MS to do that

  • charlesdjones1

    After leaving Windows 10 Mobile for Android 3 months ago, and that after being loyal to Microsofts many efforts, countless Lumias, over 7 years, it all feels so lightweight and irrelevant now. You don’t know what you don’t know has never been so true. Yes, Android has its issues, but they are miniscule when compared to everything you don’t even have access to on Window 10 Mobile. As a stand alone platform, I will give W10M a slight edge over Android in stability, even more to WP8.1, but that is about all I can think of. No apps, no updates, no games, no new devices, dead as Blackberry.

    • Billy Williams

      This isn’t windows mobile or windows phone….this is WINDOWS 10. so yeah its a whole different thing. Also as for Windows Phone, its definitely lacking in the APP department, if you’re a huge mobile game player then Windows Phone is not for you. The Updates are still happening and have been happening. Not sure where you concluded that there were no updates. If you are a windows insider you get updates pretty much every month with bug fixes and OS changes. Microsoft has pledged support through 2018. But everyone knows that Microsoft is working on Cshell to take their Xbox, PC, and mobile platform and make it ONE unified platform that wont need multiple teams developing individually. As far as devices go, luckily Windows Phone as an operating system doesn’t need massive specs or anything of the sort to remain usable so the need for more devices isn’t there. Between the Lumia 950 XL, HP Elite X3, and Alcatel Idol 4s the pretty much have most of the needs covered. And lastly Blackberry isn’t dead, they literally just released the KeyONE a month or so ago. They still make the most safe and secure data environment out there and now they make Android devices so all is well.

    • androwin

      Qualcomm meant to run -FULL WINDOWS 10 DESKTOP OS- on Snapdragon 835.

      Imagine running all softwares and apps, PC games, Office, Photoshop etc.. on the go with a device lighter than 500g! That’s a technology breakthrough and finally it will happen! But it’s suitable only on tablets (and laptop hybrids) not for smartphones where there’s already Android.

      • punit

        Can I confirm that it will run windows 10 full version with all legacy software ? Or its something like Windows 8 RT

  • punit

    Will this run full windows 10 or sone this like windows 8 RT or Windows 10 S ?

    • JohnW

      Full Windows 10.

  • NextHype

    So what’s up with the perf ?
    Since Win10 is x86 based, not ARM, many said the Microsoft/Qualcomm combo would run on some kind of emulator, hence diminishing performances.
    I dunno why I should buy some qualcomm device if it has same perf as an i5 and brings instability and stuttering due to emulation.

    • JohnW

      DotNet/Store apps will run entirely in native code. For Win32 apps all the API calls will be to native code and the rest of the application will be trans-coded on installation so the performance hit should be marginal.

      • NextHype

        DotNet/Store apps… last time I checked there was no app on the Store. And I don’t mean the store is lacking the 1 Million shitty and useless apps you can found on Apple or Google store but real useful apps.
        IMO, Microsoft/Qualcomm combo devices will be used for Win32 apps, and I’m not sure the “conversion” will really be transparent on performances, or bugfree. Have you a good source of information on the subject, please ?

        • JohnW

          Most Win32 apps are now written in .NET rather than C++ so that is good news.
          As for the exact details of the trans-coding nothing has been released but it is easy to imagine how it would be done. Disassembling is an established technique and you then replace the Intel instructions/sequences with their ARM equivalents. Most instructions such as Add Move Jump etc. should translate directly.

    • Mertinho

      It would never be somewhere close to a recent i5, though.

    • Paul M

      It’s going to be Windows RT all over again, only this time the CPU is fast enough to run an x86 emulation layer.

      • NextHype

        Everyone tends to say it’s full Win10… have you any source backing this information ?

        • Paul M

          it’ll be windows 10 built for Arm, so you’ll mostly want developers to build their apps for Arm, otherwise you’ll rely on an emulation layer to run x86 binaries.

  • Elijah

    Oh, just great! Now I have to build my projects for yet another architecture.
    Thanks guys, you’ve made my job a lot easier… NOT!