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Xiaomi Mi A1 Appears on Geekbench Sporting Snapdragon 625

by Habeeb Onawole 9

The Xiaomi Mi A1 is one of three Xiaomi devices that has been in the news a lot lately. The other two are the Mi MIX 2 which is scheduled to launch on September 11 and the Mi Note 3 which doesn’t have a launch date yet.

Xiaomi Mi A1

The Mi A1 is said to be the Android One smartphone Xiaomi and Google are working on. It isn’t confirmed yet but the “A1” name seems to have been gotten from Android One (1). According to a recent leak the Mi A1 is said to be the Mi 5X but running pure Android, and the Mi A1’s Geekbench listing seems to confirm it.

The Mi A1 is listed as running Android 7.1.2. It is powered by the MSM 8953 A.K.A Snapdragon 625, an octa-core processor clocked at 2.0GHz. It also has 4GB of RAM.

The benchmark result reveals a score of 852 points for the single-core test and 3837 points for the multi-core test. These scores are not too different from what we have seen from some Mi 5X results on the benchmarking platform.

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Xiaomi has an event on Tuesday, September 5 and we think it is the launch of the Mi 5A. The teaser says it’s a dual camera flagship. While the Xiaomi Mi 5X or Mi A1 may not be a flagship in terms of specs, it is the highest specced Android One phone so far. The closest to it seems to be the Sharp X1 released in Japan a few months ago.





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  • Goddammit!
    Xiaomi are throwing SD625 onto everything they push out.
    It’s been on so many devices now, that I expect it to be on a Mijia home product as well.

    A good reminder would be that Meizu threw Mediatek P10 on every mid-ranger, with little or none differences and improvements at all. A lot of those devices failed to make any real impact.

    • Im late

      I dont see anything bad with that. 625 is a very nice cheap SoC that have a very good battery life with 4k mah. If this phone has 64GB ROM/4GB RAM and USB-C im gonna buy it.

      • princetom

        Good for u bt we overly tired with SD 625…damn, it’s annoying now

      • It’s going to be their 14th phone with this SoC (including the various memory/storage variants).
        This phone deserved better than 625, maybe a 660 or at least the 653, and I’d say the same about Mi Max & Mi 5x.

        • Muhammad Yasir

          660 OR BUST !

          no 653 or anything … IT NEEDS the 660 to breathe new life into the phone or go to hell !

      • Zero

        Snapdragon 650 was cheaper and better.

        • Yep, they’ve only gone this way to cut-down on costs and battery consumption.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    SON OF A BITCH, not the SD 625 again !


  • Stiven

    Also disappointed here, sd660 or bust.