Upcoming A11 Chip Will Be Apple’s Most Powerful Chip With Six Processor Cores

by Jed John 0

In a rare occurence, the Gold Master version (Final version) of iOS 11 leaked before the official launch of Apple’s next generation iPhones. The leaked operating system version revealed quite a lot of information about what g has in the works which would be going official in a matter of hours from now. One of the revelation is that the Apple A11 system chip will be powering the tenth anniversary iPhone.

Not much is known about the configuration of the A11 chip but it has emerged that some details of the new chip were also contained on the iOS 11 leaked Gold Master edition. According to developer Steve Troughton-Smith on Twitter, the iOS 11 Gold Master leak revealed that the A11 chip will feature six processor cores. Two cores are named Monsoon and will perform tough tasks which require high power such as gaming and video manipulation. On the other hand, the remaining four cores are named Mistral cores and will handle the lighter stuff like texting and checking email, and other lighter functions. This is different from the Apple A10 and A10X chips which were released last year and earlier this year respectively. The A10 chip came with two high-powered cores and two high efficient cores while the A10x used on the iPad Pro comes with three high powered Hurricane cores and three high-efficiency Zephyr cores.

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In addition, the Apple A11 chip is revealed to come with the capability to run all its CPU cores independently. What this translates to is that software could be able to access multiple cores of any kind, depending on the task at hand and in a situation where maximum power is required, all could run simultaneously. This is in contrast to the A10 Fusion which could use only its high-performance or low-power cores at any given time. So, we expect the next generation iPhone models to come with some power more than what we have seen before. It won’t be long before it gets spotted in benchmark tests and when it does, expect some amazing results that may dwarf all the new flagship chips we have around presently. We’ll get to find out more and perhaps confirm these features when the device goes official and good thing we won’t have to wait long for that to happen.

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