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Vernee Thor Plus Review – Surprisingly Awesome Budget Phone!

by Linus 8

Vernee has made quite a few budget phones over the time and the Thor Plus is one of the latest models that has an enormous 6200mAh battery and all-metal design for about $130. Learn more in the full Vernee Thor Plus Review.

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The phone ships with all the usual stuff including a fast charger.


The Vernee Thor Plus does not look fancy or anything, especially if we compare it with some budget full-screen phoenes. It sports a classic design with the bezels on each side. However, its main selling point is a huge 6200mAh battery that is crammed in an all-metal profile that is surprisingly thin measuring at just 7.9mm at its thinnest point.

Also, I just love the 5.5” AMOLED display. Even though it’s only 720p, it’s sharp and vibrant and it looks much better than the majority cheap 1080p panels.

As for the camera, we have a 13MP shooter.

Now a few features in a nutshell: a fingerprint scanner is fast and accurate, and it doubles as a home button. You can also choose between on screen and physical capacitive keys. There is also an 8MP selfie camera, LED notification light and a dedicated button that triggers an ultra-power saving mode that allows you to use the phone for days.

Finally, the loudspeaker quality is kind of mediocre, like on most of the budget phones. Also, it’s placed on the right side, so you will easily cover it up if you hold the phone in the landscape mode.


The Vernee Thor Plus has pretty much standard budget phone specs that include octa-core MTK6753, 3GB of RAM and 32GBGB of expandable storage.

The chipset is mediocre but it’s all about optimization. On most of the budget phones, games like Asphalt 8 stutter or lag on the highest graphics, but the Vernee Thor Plus performs surprisingly well. Also, other 3D games I tested run just fine.



I usually love Vernee phones because they run on almost stock Android. The Thor Plus is no exception. The Android 7.0 based UI runs fast and fluid, there are no hiccups whatsoever. Besides all the usual stuff, there are some gesture and motion controls that work quite well.


Image quality is kind of mediocre like on most of the budget phones. Although I took all the pictures on a cloudy day, I still expected pictures to be sharper and have more detail. On the other hand, it’s possible to take some good looking images for social media needs with both main and front-facing cameras.

1080p video looks quite ok for a budget phone but don’t expect any stellar results.

The selfie camera can shoot videos only in 480p resolution and the quality is quite bad.

Download full resolution camera samples


I found the call quality to be kind of mediocre. Also, sometimes it may take some time to get the GPS position but the navigation works quite well.

Also, the phone has only a few sensors and there is no gyroscope, meaning that the phone does not support VR headsets.


The battery life is one of the best you can get on any phone, especially if you use that ultra power saving mode.

You can literally use the phone for days without the need to recharge it. I was able to achieve a 5-day battery life on an average use and turning on that ultra power saving mode from time to time. I’m pretty sure that it’s possible to get even more out of this huge battery.

Finally, it takes about 1 hour and 40 mins to fully charge the battery with the supplied fast charger.


The Vernee Thor Plus does not have any exceptional looks but it excels in features other budget phones lack.

That gigantic 6200mAh battery performs very well, the display is one of the best in class, a metal construction of the phone feels nice and sturdy and I’m quite impressed with the overall performance.

A few weaknesses are common to most of the budget phones – mediocre camera and subpar loudspeaker.

Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised that the Vernee Thor Plus is a pretty good budget phone with some standout features that other phones lack, even though it’s not a perfect device.


I was pleasantly surprised that the Vernee Thor Plus is a pretty good budget phone with some standout features that other phones lack, even though it’s not a perfect device.

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User Interface
Battery Life
Overall Performance
Value for Money
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  • Muhammad Yasir


  • BSJD

    👆Good review!

  • Semi

    usual overrated Vernee, “mediocre” keeps popping out multiple times in the review, yet it’s seen as a surprisingly awesome budget smartphone only because of an AMOLED screen and the big battery.
    RN4 at the same price shits on it on every aspect, and I’m pretty sure that even the 4000mah of the RN4 last more than those MTK 6000 ones

    • tommyboy7

      You are quite right there. You can’t beat RN4 or even RN3 for that matter. Many small chinese makers try hard but are not really there yet. A year or two and maybe we can say these phones are on the level of Redmi series, but i think Xiaomis price/performance is unmatched and will be for a while.

    • Airyl

      The issue isn’t really that these devices are bad, it’s more that the RN4 is just too good.

      • Semi

        yes, I’ve seen RN4 as low as 115$ and it’s totally insane for what it offers, it’s an upper-mid range phone offered at an entry level price, those generic mtk producers cannot compare even with their top of the line products.

  • Nilzie

    nice to see more amoleds on chinese phones

  • Greg Zeng

    It nicely replaces my old Samsung Galaxy S6 128 GB, which costs about 8x (eight times) what I paid, delivered to my home address here in the Australian Capital Territory. After two years, I expect the rechargeable battery again to drop in the maximum holding charge. The old Galaxy luckily had a third party battery-case to compensate for the tiny batteries of most smartphones.
    So glad to give up my Samsung, which needed Nova Launcher. Now I again have dual-SIM, FM-radio, and optional micro-SD card. With an acceptable battery charge now, there is no need for wireless fast-charging. The S6’s inbuilt IR transmitter: never used it, & if I did miss the IR-blaster, I have the 3.5mm accessory for remote controlling TV, air-conditioners, etc.

    As usual, my photographs are better served with the compact camera in my shirt-pocket, a Panasonic TZ70, with 4K OIS video, 30x zoom, etc. If needed, the Vernee’s inbuilt EIS is reportedly better than some OIS on other smartphones, but I’ve yet to verify this.