Samsung Patents Palm Scanning Technology, But It Doesn’t Work Like You Think

by Habeeb Onawole 0

There are already a plethora of ways to keep your phone safe. There is the conventional PIN, password, and pattern. We also have biometric ones like fingerprint scanning, iris scanning, and face unlock. However, Samsung has patented another one – palm scanning.

Samsung Palm Scanning

We won’t blame you if you think this requires you to place your palm on the surface of your phone. But that won’t work for phones with a display smaller than 7-inches.

Samsung’s palm scanning approach is different and doesn’t require you placing your filthy hands on the screen of your device. According to the patent description, the technology will not even actually unlock your phone but only provide hints for your password.

How it works is easy to understand. If you forget your password, all you have to do is point your camera (and most likely other sensors) at your palm. The sensor will scan the lines of your palm which differ from one person to the other. If it matches the one stored on the phone, different characters of your password will be displayed across the captured image. The provided hints should help you remember your password.

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Weird, right? This security method raises a number of questions and is cumbersome to say the least. However, we are eager to see how it will work out in real life.

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