Xiaomi Revealed To Have Shipped 27.6 Million Smartphones In Q3 2017

by Jed John 0

Xiaomi yesterday launched the Redmi 5 Plus and Redmi 5 in China and on the sidelines of the event, the tech giant also disclosed that it had shipped a total of 27.6 million smartphones in Q3 2017, quoting a report by research firm, IDC. Xiaomi has been enjoying a favourable and successful run this year with a commendable performance in the first and second quarters of the year. DigiTimes had earlier predicted that Xiaomi’s shipment could fall between 25 – 30 million units and this was a result of multiple models that were released this year.

The company dubbed China’s Apple did not give details of how it was able to achieve such figures in shipments but we already know India and China both played strategic roles in achieving this feat. Xiaomi India recently took to social media to celebrate its record 9.2 million shipments recorded in Q3 in India alone. This represents more than 40%of its entire sales in the quarter under review.

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Quite remarkably, Xiaomi managed to ship only 13.6 million smartphones in Q3 2016 and now is able to increase that exponentially through its strategic efforts to devolve from online-only sales model to a fusion of both offline and online sales. The company also disclosed that its tentacles are spreading far and wild as it has been recording strong performance in Russia, Indonesia, and a handful of European countries.