Meizu Teases A New Flagship Headset Dubbed Meizu Live

by Jed John 0

Meizu is set to release its first full-screen smartphone on January 4 and that promises to be an interesting event to look forward to. The tech giant may have got other smartphones and products that would be unveiled on that day as well. From the stables of Meizu accessories, we could also see a new headset which adopts the moniker Meizu LIVE.meizu live

Meizu Live headset is the subject of a recent teaser broadcasted from the official Weibo handle of Meizu’s Accessories sub-division. The teaser took us down memory lane, stating that Meizu first launched its MP3 player, Meizu MX in 2003 and now, 15 years down the road, the company is set to launch a flagship headset.

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The teaser left off without revealing details of the Meizu Live headset, as it is called. However, Meizu is known for quality headsets like the Meizu Flow, EP52, HD50 and others. So, we expect the Live, which is tagged as a flagship headset to not only come with a sleek, smooth design but also a powerful hardware setup. Meizu did not reveal when the headset would be launched but if it isn’t launched alongside the upcoming Meizu full-screen smartphone, its launch may not be too far away.

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