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Meizu mBlu S6 (M6S) Passes TENAA: Features 18:9 Display & Side Mounted Fingerprint

by Joe 8

Meizu is all set to make a comeback in 2018 with multiple models rumored to be in the pipeline ready for release in the coming months. The Meizu mBlu S6, which some refer to as the Meizu M6S, is going to be the first smartphone from the company this year and from its leaked design, and rumored specs, there’s no doubt that the phone is here to take on the Redmi 5 Plus. The mblu S6 has just passed through China’s TENAA certification agency, thereby revealing its key specs and design.

Unfortunately, TENAA reveals that the mblu S6 will not come with the popular mBack home button that we are all used to seeing on Meizu smartphones lately. In fact, we don’t see any kind of physical or capacitive buttons on the front, which means that the phone is going to rely on onscreen buttons for navigation.

mBlu s6 02 tenaa

The front of the phone is similar to the Redmi 5 Plus, so there’s a large 5.7-inch 18:9 display with 1440 x 720p resolution. The back features the U-shaped antenna band design that has become so popular among metal smartphones in the past one year. The real highlight of the back is the mblu logo, which confirms that the S6 will be the first mblu branded smartphone to be released by the company.

mblu s6 01 tenaa

On the left you have the volume control buttons while on the right you have a power button. But just below the power button, you have a side mounted fingerprint sensor. Companies are usually hesitant to use a side fingerprint design but Meizu has decided to give it a try on this model. This keeps the back and front design neat and tidy.

As for the specs, the mBlu S6 comes with the hex-core Exynos 7872 (4 x A53 + 2 x A73) with Mali-G71 GPU, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, 3000mAh battery with 9V / 2A 18W fast charging support.

Given the specs, the phone should compete directly with the Redmi 5 Plus, making its probable pricing in the 1000 Yuan segment.


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  • Jh1

    Having a hard time figuring out the specs on this one. So, the SoC is roughly a more efficient SD 650, yet the screen is only 720p?

    • Assefa Hanson

      Yeah I found it weird

    • Franck

      Hi, I wish you a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2018! Hope you are doing well! I have a question for you, I haven’t ordered my next phone and am still considering the Mi Note 3. I am going to buy it on Ibuygou website. The price difference between the base model and the 128GB variant is 7,56€. I really don’t need 128GB storage but considering the price gap I am thinking that maybe I should get the 128GB variant. What about the power consumption? I mean that maybe with more memory the power consumption will be a bit higher. Thanks in advance for your help!

      • Jh1

        Happy New year to you as well. I personally have no need for 128gb, but for that price it can’t hurt. As far as battery life is concerned, it won’t have any impact.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    include type C and we have a winner !

  • Wyley Coyote

    Im actually looking forward to this, meizu always seem to produce quality phones at a good price, now they are moving away from mediatek, the future is bright for Meizu!

  • Stiffmah

    I prefer a bigger variant with 1080P screen, if that comes out it will be interesting

  • SheilaScotto

    It is a new option for consumers.