Meizu Mounts A Billboard Using Over 200 M6S Units Stacked Together But Some Got Stolen!

by Jed John 0

Meizu’s latest smartphone dubbed Meizu M6s is relatively a budget device which was launched in January with a price tag hovering around $150. The device is albeit spectacular in that it utilises the trending full-screen design with a curved glass over the display and its design looks attractive. Perhaps riding on the shoulders of the M6s’ attractive design, Meizu mounted a billboard in a bus stop in Beijing which was designed using over 200 units of the full-screen smartphone stacked in a landscape arrangement with the displays all functioning as a single unit.Meizu M6s

This is no doubt an innovative concept especially since all the over 200 units formed a giant billboard promoting the new smartphone. It is an attractive sight to behold and indeed, it attracted passersby. Such was the attractiveness that it got bungled. Someone broke the glass covering the billboard and made away with some of the units. Meizu’s VP Li Nan made the disclosure himself on Weibo and from the photo shared, we could see that two of the units were stolen after the glass was broken.Meizu M6S

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Meizu’s Blue Charm official Weibo page called the billboard as probably the most expensive billboard per unit area in China. This may not be entirely correct but it sure is an expensive one and quite innovative.We are sure this is the first time the company is embarking on such venture. The billboard highlights the full-view display potential of the M6s as the individual display units fuse with each other quite seamlessly to form a big display and the bezels are not too obvious especially when viewed from afar. We’re sure Meizu will have to replace the stolen units and perhaps put some form of reinforcement or security in the vicinity to forestall a recurrence. We’re not sure Meizu will want to continue with such project considering what happened to this pilot billboard.

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