Gorilla Glass 6 launched with two times more durability than Gorilla Glass 5

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

Toughened Gorilla Glasses by Corning have been protecting smartphone displays since many years. In July 2016, Corning had introduced Gorilla Glass 5. Most of the recent flagship and high-end phones come with Gorilla Glass 5 protection. Today, Corning has announced the arrival of Gorilla Glass 6 through a press release. The company claims that it istwo times stronger than its predecessor as it is made out of entirely new material.

Corning Gorilla Glass 6

A recent survey has revealed that people drop their smartphones at an average of 7 times in a year. To ensure that the next-generation of smartphones are well-protected from drops, Corning has introduced the Gorilla Glass 6. The company claims that Gorilla Glass 6 which is made out of entirely new glass composition is so strong that it could break after 15 drops from a height of 1 meter. In simpler terms, the Gorilla Glass 6 is more resistant to damage than its predecessor. The new chemical composition makes it possible to increase the compression levels of the Gorilla Glass 6 because of which it does not break easily even after multiple drops.

Most smartphone OEMs are now launching smartphones with elongated form factor in order to house tall aspect ratio display. Moreover, many premium phones do not feature metal unibody design, but they come with glass backs. The inclusion of glass rear also promotes wireless charging on new phones. Hence, smartphone OEMs also ensure that their phones are fitted with highly durable glass panels so that they do not break easily. The newly introduced Gorilla Glass 6 can offer right kind of screen protection and tougher glass rear for upcoming smartphones.

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Corning has been providing its Gorilla Glass panels for over 6 billion devices across more than 45 well-known brands. Currently, the company is evaluating by seeking assistance from multiple customers. It is expected to be available on forthcoming devices that will be arriving in the near future. There is a possibility that the flagship phones arriving in 2019 may come equipped with Gorilla Glass 6.