Video shows off prototype foldable phone with BOE’s flexible display

by Habeeb Onawole 0

The foldable phone race is not only between phone makers but also display manufacturers. China’s BOE is one of the players in the display market and has been showing off its flexible displays for a while now. Earlier this week, a video showing off a prototype foldable phone with a BOE display surfaced online.


The 14-second video was shared on Twitter by Ben Geskin and he says the display is 5.99-inches with an FHD+ resolution. There are slightly thick bezels at the top and bottom of the screen. The phone also has a single camera on the back and doesn’t seem to have a fingerprint scanner. Since this is a prototype, we are not concerned about the specs.

The phone doesn’t seem to stay closed when folded as seen in the video. We are also not sure about the material used for the back of the phone though we want to believe it is a plastic material that can withstand multiple foldings without breaking.

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BOE is said to be the display supplier for Huawei‘s own foldable smartphones but the Chinese company is also trying to win over Apple. Huawei won’t release its foldable phone until next year, so there is still a bit of waiting. Samsung, on the other hand, has announced that its foldable smartphone will launch this year.