Fan sues Xiaomi for failing to keep its promise of Dinner with co-founder Lei Jun

by Jeet 0

A fan of Xiaomi in China is suing the company over failing to keep its promise of hosting dinner with the company’s co-founder Lei Jun. The Haidian Court’s official website in Beijing reveals the case of a contract dispute and reports indicate that the case has been accepted by the court.

The case has been filed by Mr. Yang who believes that the content disclosed by Xiaomi on its official online store was unilaterally promised and is legally binding, and demand that the company should strictly offer the promised reward.

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He adds that Xiaomi’s refusal to follow on its promise not only hurt his feelings as a “Mi Fan” but also constitutes a breach of contract. Further, he adds that he should be compensated for the losses caused, including a total of 24,000 yuan (approximately $3,491) in notary fees and legal fees.

Mr. Yang alleges that Xiaomi had publicly announced a contest in August 2017 for the sales of Xiaomi smartphone, where the reward was a dinner with the company’s co-founder and CEO Lei Jun. There were three options and the participated had to fulfil any one, which includes sale of over 300 units of Xiaomi Mi 5X, sale of over 300 units of Redmi Note 5A or the sale of over 400 units of Mi 5X and Redmi Note 5A combined.

He claims that he actively participated in the contest and fulfilled the criteria by selling 523 units of Redmi Note 5A phone during the contest period. He further claims that when he contacted the company for the reward, Xiaomi explicitly refused, even after repeated negotiations.



The plaintiff, Mr. Yang believes this is a breach of contract and has sued Xiaomi for compensation. Currently, the case is under hearing in the Haidian court in Beijing, China.