New Galaxy A and Galaxy J series phones will have wireless charging

by Habeeb Onawole 0

As part of its strategy to grab more of the market share for the mid-range category, Samsung has decided to bring some flagship features to these phones. For example, the Galaxy A7 (2018) comes with triple rear cameras, a feature not yet available on a Samsung flagship. New reports say we may soon see wireless charging support in future mid-range models.

Samsung Wireless Charger

The info comes from etnews who reports that Samsung is planning to launch a cheap wireless charger later this month. The wireless charger is to be priced at about $20 and the move is said to hint at the feature being expanded to other series such as the Galaxy J and Galaxy A series.

At the moment, Samsung’s cheapest wireless charger sells for $49.99. It makes sense to link a cheaper wireless charger to a possibility of the feature arriving on other Samsung devices other than the S and Note series. Since these phones will have a cheaper price tag, it is sensible to have cheaper accessories for them.

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The new wireless charger will have the same 9-watt fast charging technology found in the more expensive models.

Do you think adding wireless charging support to its mid-range phones is a smart move by Samsung? Let us know what your opinion is.

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