OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple gradient hue in pictures: Likely the first of many

by Jed John 0

Just before the OnePlus 6T launch, the company invited a couple of reviewers to have a sneak peek of the device in its manufacture process on its factory. During the visit as reported by MrWhosetheboss, he got an extensive tour of OnePlus’ headquarters and along the line, he stumbled on a number of old OnePlus 6 Prototypes still on display. The prototypes adopt several colours such as blue, purple and several colour gradients. We had expected the Chinese giant to make the OnePlus 6T available in some of the gradient colours and that is what just happened.OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple variant

OnePlus released a Thunder Purple gradient variant of the OnePlus 6T during the flagship phone’s China launch. The new variant joins the Midnight Black and Mirror Black variants that were announced in New York earlier on. It also happens to be the first gradient hue that the company would be releasing. Surprisingly, OnePlus 6 was never released in any gradient colour despite the growing popularity of that styling since the Huawei P20 Pro was released with such design. The OP6 only had a Flame Red and Silk White colour variant. The company has perhaps realised there is likely a shift to gradient hues among its competitors and so, may have put its pricing consideration aside in releasing this one. We’re sure more of such would follow, if not on the OP6T but on its successor.OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple

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The OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple comes with a frosted glass back with deeper colours on the upper part around the camera while the lower part comes in purple. The darker colour and purple combination is a reflection of a dark sky briefly illuminated by lightning which gives it a purple appearance. The front also has black bezels just like the other variants. Aside from the frosted glass Thunder Purple gradient back, the device shares the same specs as the Midnight Black and Mirror Black variants. Check out some more pictures from below.


OnePlus 6T Thunder PurpleOnePlus 6T Thunder PurpleOnePlus 6T Thunder PurpleOnePlus 6T Thunder PurpleOnePlus 6T Thunder PurpleOnePlus 6T Thunder PurpleOnePlus 6T Thunder PurpleOnePlus 6T Thunder Purple

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