Samsung files trademark application for Infinity Flex, Infinity-O, and Infinity-U

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Most phone manufacturers have a name for their 18:9 (and similar) displays. LG calls its own FullVision Display, Huawei calls its own FullView Display, Motorola calls it MaxVision Display, and Samsung calls it Infinity Display. Samsung seems to have developed new versions of the Infinity Display judging from recent trademark application filings.

The applications were filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office on October 30, 2018. The applications reveal Samsung wants to trademark the words Infinity Flex, Infinity-O, and Infinity-U.

It is easy to tell that Infinity Flex is definitely the name of the display for its foldable smartphone. However, Infinity-O and Infinity-U are much harder to decode. If we were to take a guess we would say they Infinity-O is related to the display with a hole in it for a camera while the Infinity-U is related to the unbreakable display it developed a few months ago.

Samsung is supposed to announce details of its foldable phone this week and based on the above, we know the display will be called Infinity Flex. The phone itself is said to be called the Galaxy F. The announcement will enable app developers to get an idea of what the device looks like and how it works to enable them to begin to make apps for it.

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The Galaxy F is said to have a 7.3-inch display when laid out flat and folds into a 4.6-inch phone. It has also been reported that it runs a special UI co-developed with Google.


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