SK Hynix Introduces World’s First DDR5 DRAM Module, Production to Begin in 2020

by Andrew 0

The current generation of DRAM, DDR4, also known as “double data rate fourth generation” has been around for quite long. The module started to make its way to computers way back in 2014. However, it is only now after four year’s that we’re seeing the very first glimpse of the next generation, i.e. DDR5. SK Hynix, a prominent DRAM manufacturer, has managed to call first dibs on the world’s first 16GB DDR5 memory chip. The chips are also the first DDR5 modules to be compliant with the JEDEC memory standard.

sk hynix 8GB RAM

Speaking more about specifications, the new modules are prepared using Hynix’ 10nm fabrication. DDR5 is expected to give much faster transfer speeds, and evidently, the Hynix DDR5 chip can go up to 5200Mbps transfer speeds which is roughly 60 percent faster than DDR4’s 3200Mbps. Furthermore, it will do this consuming 30 percent less power than the previous version. SK Hynix has left out some details including the die size used for the new modules.

The company intends to shore up its DDR5 range with other capacity versions like the 8GB and 32GB. However, the important thing to note is that SK Hynix has only demoed the first chipset. Actual commercial production isn’t expected to start until 2020. It took quite a lot of time before DDR4 RAM modules actually started going mainstream after they were finalized and this is likely to be the case with DDR5 as well.

Apart from SK Hynix, Cadence and Micron have also been working on DDR5 RAM and expecting productions to begin by 2019.