Samsung to release three Galaxy A-series phones with in-display fingerprint scanners

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Samsung is playing catch-up when it comes to certain trends in the mobile industry. For example, it doesn’t have a phone with an in-display fingerprint scanner yet but that should change next month when the Galaxy S10 launches. A new report says the feature will be coming to its Galaxy A-series too.

Under Display Fingerprint Scanner
Samsung to release three Galaxy A-series phones with in-screen fingerprint sensors

According to Korean Media, ET News, Samsung will launch three Galaxy A-series phones with under-display fingerprint scanners this year. The three phones are the Galaxy A90, Galaxy A70, and the Galaxy A50. Based on their names, we can assume the Galaxy A90 will be the most powerful of the three.

The source says Samsung already has suppliers for the sensor and modules ahead of the phones’ release in the second quarter. Aegis Technology is said to be the manufacturer of the sensor module which is optical and not ultrasonic like Qualcomm’s. Mass production will be handled by Partron and Mcnex.

Other than these three, Samsung is reported to have six other models planned for this year too. These will likely come with side-mounted and rear-mounted fingerprint scanners. The Galaxy A-series will also come with multiple rear cameras with some having Time of Flight (ToF) 3D sensors.

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Samsung is trying to grow its market share in the mid-range category, so its strategy is to bring flagship features to its less-expensive models.