OPPO announces 10x hybrid optical zoom technology

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Today, OPPO announced its new 10x hybrid optical zoom camera technology for smartphones. The new technology is a follow-up to the 5x precision optical zoom it unveiled at MWC 2017.

OPPO 10x hybrid optical zoom

The new 10x hybrid optical zoon uses three cameras instead of two. It has added an ultra-wide camera to the main camera + telephoto lens dual camera setup of the 5x  precision optical zoom. The ultra-wide angle camera sits atop the ultra-clear main camera while the telephoto lens maintains its periscope-like setup. The new design provides a zoom range of 15.9mm to 159mm.

OPPO says it has also added optical image stabilization to the ultra clear main camera and the periscope telephoto camera. The manufacturer hasn’t said anything about the aperture of the cameras which is quite important for the final output. However, it did promise that it will reveal a working sample of the camera at MWC 2019.

OPPO also added that the new 10x hybrid optical zoom technology is ready for mass production, so this may end up in OPPO phones launching this year. The working sample at MWC 2019 might actually even be a smartphone.

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This is just the beginning of the year and you can be sure competitors will also announce their own new camera technologies. We can’t wait to see OPPO’s new camera zoom technology in action and how it compares to already existing ones.

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