Xiaomi Camera Department set for leaps and bounds with new technologies in 2019: Lei Jun

by Simran Singh 0

It’s been a year since Xiaomi has introduced an independent camera department to strengthen Xiaomi camera Research and Development. Since then, Xiaomi received a lot of positive reviews about the camera capabilities of new Xiaomi smartphones. Popular camera rating agencies such as DxO mark has termed Xiaomi cameras in smartphones as excellent. Today, Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi has spilled some beans on the advancements that Xiaomi Camera Department will bring this year.

lei jun xiaomi camera department

As per the Xiaomi co-founder Lei Jun, Xiaomi is investing both time and money on improving the camera quality of smartphones. In 2019, the Chinese company is looking to bring forth some significant advancements in cameras. He took to Weibo to make an announcement regarding the future moves of the Xiaomi Camera department. There are a lot many things that Xiaomi has improved and will put them in upcoming devices this year.

While talking about the changes, he mentioned some achievements and went ahead by talking about Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 which scored tremendously well in the camera department. It carried Super Night Scene Mode with 960 fps Slow-Mo video recording. Later the same improvised modules were added to Xiaomi Mi 8 and few other devices.

Lei Jun also notified that the Chinese firm is also working to bring impressive changes to mid-level devices. They have already added a powerful 48-megapixel camera module in the Redmi Note 7. It became the first device to come with a 48 megapixels camera.

Further, he counted on the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite (Youth Edition) which also carries Super Night Scene Mode reserved for flagship devices.

Overall there are a lot many improvements and advancements that the Xiaomi Camera department had made since its inception last year. In this year also, Xiaomi expects some similar groundbreaking achievements from their Camera development team.

Presumably, with the recent hints, Xiaomi Mi 9 will feature a huge improvement in the camera department. It will feature some new features and enhancements over the predecessors. Even the Xiaomi Mi 9 is designed by the same designer who worked on Mi 6 a few years ago. We also expect some big changes in the cameras of mid-level and entry-level devices from Xiaomi.

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