Mediatek denied about developing Microsoft Surface phone

by Rosgani 0

According to foreign news agencies, Microsoft has a planning to built their own mobile phone (Surface Phone) and will using Mediatek chipset as the main processor on those Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

The news said MediaTek and Huawei is jointly to develope develop WP8 Surface smartphone. But this morning, MediaTek clarified that this message is not the true, the company did not develop products for Microsoft’s new mobile operating system and mainly still support Android-based devices.

Microsoft plans to push its own brand tablet computer Surface product market, Microsoft is planning to launch its own brand smartphone next year. Microsoft KIN series smart phone announced in 2010, the team has been integrated with WP7, Microsoft’s new planning smart phone may be the low-cost intelligent machines, jointly developed by MediaTek and Huawei.

MediaTek stressed, becuase the foreign reports is not true, because the chipset ehich made by Mediatek is specialized for the Android operating system, has not been developed to support Microsoft WP8 operating system products.

MediaTek operating outlook in the second half bright smartphone chip demand is buoyant third quarter, consolidated revenue was 29.47 billion yuan, an increase of 25.72%, beyond the financial forecast corporate optimistic by MediaTek, a smart phone chip shipments may hope break through the 100 million units mark.

MediaTek gradually gained the smartphone chip market, according to market research firm Strategy Analytics recently published report, MediaTek, the first half of this year to benefit from strong growth in low-end smart phone, compared to the same period last year in the global smart phone application processor business jumped 13 times the market share ranking rose to third place.

According to Strategy Analytics, global smartphone applications processor sales in the first half year-on-year increase of 61% to $ 5.5 billion; Qualcomm (Qualcomm) LTE Snapdragon processor demand driven, shipping, sales ranking the leading position, the second and fourth names are Samsung Electronics and Broadcom.